Who's Who In Cybersecurity. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

10 Top Cybersecurity Journalists And Reporters To Follow In 2021

Cybercrime Magazine joins NYT, Reuters, WSJ

Di Freeze, Managing Editor

Northport, N.Y. – Nov. 2, 2020

Ten top cybersecurity journalists have been recognized by Onalytica, a well-known creator of top 100 influencer lists for the past decade.

The editors and reporters were selected using Onalytica’s 4 Rs methodology (Reach, Resonance, Relevance and Reference). Quantitative data is pulled through LinkedIn, Twitter, Personal Blogs, YouTube, Podcast, and Forbes channels, and qualitative data is pulled by their insights and analytics team, capturing offline influence.

Who’s Who In Cybersecurity? The Top Influencers and Brands describes itself as a one-stop shop for movers and shakers in the cybersecurity industry.

Cybercrime Magazine is honored to be featured alongside Business Insider, Reuters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets.

Cybercrime Radio: Tim Williams, CEO at Onalytica

Selecting influencers and journalists in the cybersecurity industry.


Alphabetical listing of the individuals selected by Onalytica:

  • Brian Krebs, Investigative Reporter & Publisher at KrebsOnSecurity.com. Follow on Twitter @BrianKrebs or view his LinkedIn profile.
  • Kim Nash, Deputy Editor of The Wall Street Journal’s Pro Cybersecurity Newsletter. Follow on Twitter @KNash99 or view her LinkedIn profile.
  • Kim Zetter, Investigative Journalist & Author of Countdown to Zero Day. Follow on Twitter @KimZetter or view her LinkedIn profile.

In addition to journalists, Who’s Who In Cybersecurity covers professional influencers and amplifiers, brand employees and industry practitioners, event speakers, analysts, experts by category, and companies. Go here to download the full report.

Di Freeze is Managing Editor at Cybersecurity Ventures.