7.5 billion Internet Users by 2030. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

How Many Internet Users Will The World Have In 2022, And In 2030?

90 percent of the human population, aged 6 years and older, will be online by 2030

– Georgia Reid

Northport, N.Y. – Jul. 19, 2018

We’ve often been asked — “How many people are at risk of being cyber attacked?” Our answer has always been — “The number of people that are online at a given point in time.”

So, exactly how many people are online today — and how many more will be connected to the Internet over the next 5 to 10 years?

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Here’s what we said on the podcast, if you’d rather read about it:

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So, just how many people are online in the world?

On Tuesday, July 18, 2018, Internet traffic was pushing nearly 3 billion users (which is roughly 75 percent of the total number of people with Internet access).

There were approximately 3.8 billion Internet users in 2017 (51 percent of the world’s population of 7 billion), up from around 2 billion users in 2015, according to several sources.

Now, in 2018, there are more than 4 billion people online, and that’s growing every day.

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that there will be 6 billion Internet users by 2022 (75 percent of the projected world population of 8 billion) — and more than 7.5 billion Internet users by 2030 (90 percent of the projected world population of 8.5 billion, 6 years of age and older).

SOURCE: Cybersecurity Ventures’ Annual Cybercrime Report

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Getting back to our original question, “How many people are at risk of being cyber attacked?” As of right now, around 3 billion. In 5 years from now, probably 4.5 billion (assuming 75 percent of the people with Internet access are online at the time).

We’ll be back soon with another cybersecurity podcast featuring the latest industry facts, figures and statistics.

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