FutureCon Cybersecurity Conferences. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine

FutureCon Launches Next Gen Cybersecurity Conferences In 24 Cities Across N. America

U.S. Navy veteran turned entrepreneur is aligning the cybercrime discussion between C-suite and information security executives  Press Release

Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Northport, N.Y. – Jan. 29, 2019

An exciting new lineup of next generation cybersecurity conferences launched for 2019. The events are produced by Kim Hakim, a highly respected U.S. Navy veteran turned infosecurity entrepreneur.

FutureCon is where you can mix with peers, hear keynotes and presentations from industry experts, see the latest product innovations and vendor pitches, and spend a day talking crypto, dark web, cyber espionage, malware, and all the topics that gets your juices flowing.

2019 Cybersecurity Event Calendar

More venues for uber-networkers

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