Cybersecurity Media Kit. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

Cybercrime Magazine 2023 Media Kit

Rocket fuel for your cybersecurity marketing and communications

“According to Cybersecurity Ventures” is one of the most popular phrases in the cybersecurity community. When cybersecurity companies affiliate with our media, they enjoy an unrivaled audience of peers, influencers, decision-makers, and followers.

It’s not just our website traffic that makes us so popular. Cybersecurity Ventures is in the news nearly every day of the year. Hundreds of media outlets, including the world’s largest, feature and mention our research — with attribution to us as the source. This drives all of the right people to Cybercrime Magazine, where our reports are published.

The world’s largest and most respected technology and cybersecurity vendors and service providers feature and quote our research and name in their reports and media. We also appear in speeches, interviews, articles, blogs, and social media from governments, academia, event producers, analysts, and industry experts globally.

Explore our media opportunities to find out which ones are right for your company:

  • ADVERTISING. There are a limited number of ad spots on the Cybercrime Magazine homepage and on high-value interior pages featuring lists, reports, and other cybersecurity community content. Graphic ads are placed on the right sidebar with a hyperlink to your website/media. The ads are ideal for generating brand awareness, and also for offering your reports, white papers, and other resources.
  • PODCASTS. The Cybercrime.Radio podcast channel features an exciting lineup of daily programming. We can produce a podcast series for your company, covering any topic(s), and program them on a weekly or monthly schedule. We record in our own state-of-the-art studio with a producer, engineers, and an experienced host, for each podcast. We can feature a member of your company as a guest expert remotely. We produce 60-second segments to hour-long special episodes.
  • PUBLISHED ARTICLES. If your company has a blog, and the content meets our editorial standards, then we may be able to publish some or all of them as articles in your own weekly, monthly, or quarterly Cybercrime Magazine column. Or, you can write and submit original articles to us. The articles must provide value-added information. We only publish thought leadership, best practices, and insights/opinions. We do not publish promotional materials in our editorial content. Our editors can also research, compile, and produce special articles for you.
  • SPONSORED REPORTS. Cybersecurity Ventures publishes annual and quarterly reports on various cybereconomic, cybersecurity, and cybercrime topics. The facts, figures, predictions, and statistics from our reports are routinely featured and mentioned with attribution to us in hundreds of media outlets, including the world’s largest. There is one exclusive sponsor for each report that we publish. Sponsorship brings you credibility, thought leadership, and substantial market exposure.
  • CISO INTERVIEWS. Cybersecurity Ventures has cultivated special relationships with CISOs at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations. Our clients are able to sponsor one or more CISO interviews, which we film in our studios or on location, and air on our podcast. Each interview lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and covers personal / background information, and insights on the latest trends and challenges faced by CISOs.
  • VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLES. We can produce a remote video or podcast roundtable featuring a host and up to 10 guests. This compelling media format shares your thought leadership and aligns your brand with top cybersecurity experts and CISOs. Our media team recruits the guest experts.
  • CORPORATE VIDEOS. We produce 90-second to 3-minute corporate videos for our clients. Our extensive background in the cybersecurity market lends itself to the best possible productions. We can feature one person, or more, and incorporate all of the b-roll elements that make for a polished elevator pitch that your target audience can understand.
  • EVENT VIDEOS. We produce videos of varying lengths to capture the experience at cybersecurity conferences and special events. Our team has vast experience at the world’s largest cybersecurity venues, as well as small niche venues. If your company has an event of its own, then we can cover it for you. We can also provide giveaways for your conference presence or event, such as one of our popular books.
  • DOCUMENTARIES. We produce 5-minute shorts to 30-minute or longer documentaries that tell your company’s backstory. The focus can be on the history and mission of your company; a specific period of time; a visionary founder, technologist, or CEO; or any storyline that will captivate and inform your audience. Our production crew can go on-location to your headquarters, investors, clients and events, in order to capture people, places, and things for your documentary.
  • BOOKS. Cybersecurity Ventures is a book publisher. We can collaborate with your company to develop a resource category and the content for a physical and/or e-Book. A book establishes credibility, and it’s a great tool for audience development. For certain special projects, we may agree to co-author a book with your company. Here’s our “Hacker’s Movie Guide” and “Women Know Cyber” paperback books.
  • CARTOONS. Cybercrime is no laughing matter. But C-suite executives, CIOs, CISOs, and security leaders are human and enjoy a good laugh. We can produce one cartoon or an entire series for your company. Our team conceives of the gags, and a New Yorker cartoonist draws them. The cartoons are provided in digital format, and they are suitable for printing on any size stock — which makes them ideal promotional materials for conferences and special events. We also license our cartoons for security awareness training. Here are around 150 of our cartoons.
  • PRODUCT DEMOS. Our team can take your product into our “labs”, evaluate it, and then demonstrate it in a compelling video with B-roll that shows off the features and benefits to CISOs and security leaders. A cybersecurity media personality introduces and narrates the demo. Your founder, CEO, CTO, or thought leader can give the demo, or we can – so that your salespeople don’t have to.
  • CYBERSECURITY NEWS FEED. Our researchers and editors can provide a widget that displays a customized daily or weekly cyber threat or news feed on your website. Content is king when it comes to building and retaining an audience, SEO, and web traffic. Set it and forget it — our app automatically feeds continuous fresh alerts and breaking news to your site visitors.

If your company has an idea or special project that doesn’t fit into one of these media opportunities, then our team of editors, producers, and content strategists are available to help. Contact Us.