Women in the cybersecurity field. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

656 Women In Cybersecurity To Follow On Twitter, More Names Pouring In

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of its kind.  See the list

– Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Sausalito, Calif. – Aug. 15, 2018

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field. The tally was up to 553 last week — and we’ve got another 103 this week, for a total of 656 to date.

Before we get to the latest list, a quick mention about last week’s Black Hat USA. We sent our own Kerry Morgan, reporter, to cover the Las Vegas event. As a result, some interesting names will make their way into our compilation.

Kerry caught up with Dr. May Wang, co-founder and CTO at ZingBox, an IoT and healthcare security company in Mountain View, Calif. May has an inspiring message for women of all ages and experience levels in cyber – as well as for those looking to break into the field. We follow her, and you should too!

Deidre Diamond, founder and CEO at CyberSN, is another impressive cybersecurity expert. She made the annual pilgrimage to Black Hat not long after writing this great article, ‘Why Cybersecurity Professionals Switch Jobs… And How To Recruit Them’ for Cybercrime Magazine.

Now, for the new names you’ve been waiting for…


  • Kathleen Richards @RichardsKath Editor of Information Security, tech journalist and blogger following all things security…
  • Sandy Carielli @sandycarielli Cybersecurity and other fun stuff. All opinions are my own. Massachusetts, USA
  • Kait @CryptoKait @Tevora Information Security Associate | Educator | Cryptography Enthusiast | Overly-attached Puppy Mom | http://cryptokait.wordpress.com. Tarrytown, NY
  • Cryptogal @the_cryptogal Encryption & Blockchain are cool :). Geometric Pattern
  • Yvonne C. Conway @MistressPrime Co-Founder ParadoxPrimeIA, #cybersecurity, #infosec, #WordPress, #WomenInTech, @WomenWhoWP board member, #VoiceOver actor, Ordained #Pagan clergy, #cat mom. Orange County, CA
  • Kimberley Barry @kminx Technologist @ Mitnick Security. Loves change & not knowing what may come next. Recovering SysAdmin. Jumped ship from Australia to the US. Los Angeles, CA
  • CΛNÐICE @CandiceLanier Ghost Cyber Intelligence – COO #DigitalForensics #Cyberterrorism #CyberSecurity Journalist @BleepinComputer @SecurityAffairs http://candicelanier.contently.com. San Rafael, CA
  • @perilouslady Discursions of an Itinerant Computer Lady ❤️ #infosec 53rd Parallel North
  • Irene Njoroge @_irenewn Infosec enthusiast, researcher
  • Angel Tish @AngelKatis IT Consultant Phelline Consultancy Firm. Nairobi
  • Christi Maherry @ChristiMaherry CEO and Co-founder of LAWtrust. Passionate about CyberSecurity, Crypto, Blockchain Board JA-Africa. WPO Platinum #WinningWomen #Entrepreneur of the year. Pretoria, South Africa
  • Aleema the Insane @luushanah ~ Infosec, astrophysics & Illy… I also love chocolate ~ Tweets by my cats. That’s right, they don’t tweet. RT != endorsement. She/her. Planet Earth
  • Tash Norris @TashJNorris #InfoSec in Financial Services. #HackCancer #HacktheHeart Threat Modeler. AWS-er. Radical optimist. Netball. Malbec Monster. Fat dog owner. #WomeninTech #Cyber. Nottingham
  • Karla Mancilla Farley @farleykarla #becauseImMexican | Cybersecurity consultant | fitness is my hobby and passion. living in the US 🇲🇽
  • Olamide Odeneye @Miiday IT Sales Professional.. Cyber security awareness enthusiast.Child Online Safety Advocate,Events Manager and Certified Mixologist…..
  • PearlsofSecurityWisdom @1stLadyCyberSec #gradstudent #cybersecurityconsultant
  • Stacey Graham 🌺 💻 @Staceyluvstech ATL Resident | Lifelong Learner of all things tech| Cyber Security #infosec #WISPDEFCONSQUAD | Web Dev in training https://www.linkedin.com/in/staceygraham1106 … Georgia, USA
  • Doreen Cheruto @DoreenCheru Global IT Support Analyst @VSO International | Expert in IT User support| Passionate Advocate of Technology|How may I be of service to you? Nairobi Kenya
  • Audrey Bentley @BentleyAudrey #CyberSecurity #infosec #GeneticGenealogy #DNA #Genomics #Technology #IoT #HealthTech I also post about Philly sports and Dogs. 🐶=❤️ Philadelphia, PA
  • Alison Oliver @alison_iot #IoT Innovator, #Tech Idea Agent, Life-long Learner. Connecting the World, One Thing at a Time. #Iowa Girl! #IoE #IIoT #BigData #PredictiveAnalytics. California, USA
  • Christine Bowde @ChristineBowde Businesswoman in the IT field. Currently working in Paris. Paris, France
  • Crimson Crypto @crimson_crypto Crypto fan and tech enthusiast! Long-term investor, not trader in crypto. 100% #Followback #Follow #Followme. Fort Worth, TX
  • Beatrice @beebux Security & Cybersecurity | Teacher and speaker. Views expressed are my own. EGE | Mines-Télécom | altMBA | FR, EN | Views expressed are my own. Paris, France
  • Christy Henry @christytophat Tophat Security VP @tophatsecurity1-interests #Cybersecurity, #IoT, #Linux, #Drones, #DarkWeb, hats-#redhats, #whitehats, #grayhats, #blackhats, Cat in the Hat. Delaware, USA
  • Carolina Rudinschi, PhD @CRudinschi Co-founder of @IIoT_World, first digital media outlet focused 💯% on #IIoT/#ICS #cybersecurity. Also of interest #smartcities, #predictivemnaintenace, #analytics. Cleveland
  • Stephanie Myara @myara373 Content Mgr @CloudShare, Interests: Cloud, enterprise, mobile, ITtraining, devops, marketing, business. Love MTB, nature & family. Shoham, Israel & Sudbury, MA
  • Monika @Elsio123 At the beginning of my InfoSec career. #SANSCyberWorkforceAcademy, #GIACCertified GSEC, GMON, #WISPDEFCONSQUAD
  • Jill Sanderson @Sanderson_Tech Lawyer, Strategic #FinTech Services, #IP, #Patents, Focused on #EmergingTech, #SaaS, #IoT, #AI, #BigData, for #FinServ and #Startups. Coffee Lover ☕️ Chicago, IL
  • Eve Hunter @evehunter12 Cybersecurity Analyst. Smithie. Recent Berliner. Interests: Technological Ethics/cyber/nuclear/natsec/human rights/equality. Berlin, Germany
  • Mary Mack @mackmary CEDS, CISSP, coder, way early adopter, privacy, cyber, security, law, tech, Gorge, wears black. Exec Dir Assn Certified eDiscovery Specialists. Tweets mine. Portland, OR
  • Dr Funmi Onolaja @SimoneSmiths08 Phd in Computer Science (Security), Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Science & Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Women in Cybersecurity, Food & Drink, Travel… England, United Kingdom
  • Mver Kurega @komi2mver Executive Director HR & International Business @helexcorp | Be Honest | IT Security |Computer Nerd #woman in #Crypto #security| Ambitious & Powerful. Worldwide
  • Michaela Barnett @comp_sci_barbie Cybersecurity Blogger |1908 IG:computersciencebarbie. United States
  • Niya Lester @NiyaScript Women in Tech | Consulting Life | #infosec | #Coder | IPA Lover | Washington Redskins / Nationals / Capitals / Celtics
  • Stanimira Koleva @stanimirak Citrix APJ MD & VP at Citrix. Passionate about leadership, people, customers, partners and digital transformation #Transformation #Digital #Cybersecurity #Cloud. Singapore
  • Dr. Day @drsiobahncday God’s girl | IT Girl👩🏾‍💻👩🏾‍🏫 | Book Worm 📚🐛 | Philanthropist | AKA 💞💚 | HBCU Grad x 3 👩🏾‍🎓 | Computer Scientist💻 | Owner of @dreamscreativeg. Cloud 9
  • Lindsey @CyberLinds1 I like all things cyber! Graduate in cyber security. #cybersecurity #security #infosec #AI #blockchain #crypto #pentest #hacking #digital #cloud. United Kingdom
  • ACotonio @ACotonio Cyber Security Analyst 🤔 Retired USAF✈Proud parent/spouse to the best family ever ❤️ Occasional musician and artist 🎸🎼🎤🎨 🥁 Utah, USA
  • Sophina 👼 💻 @just_sophina ❤ of God, #WomaninTech, #Infosec #CyberSecurity Researcher,#BugBounty, Passionate about bringing young African women into CyberSecurity @she_secures, Developer. $PC
  • Christine Balanaa @chgrace24 learning how to code 💻 • studying electronics 🤖 • all sorts of random • work in progress • ❤️ moocs • member @wwcodemanila 🇵🇭
  • Leidy Carvajal @LeidyRock Chief Information Security Officer | Interested in #CyberSecurity and member of #HackerGrilsCO and #Cyberwoman | Loves Travelling & studying 🤓
  • Raphaela Mettig @rmettig_ LSU Computer Science ‘20. Cybersecurity research assistant and aspiring professional, karate athlete, over-caffeinated introvert. Louisiana, USA
  • Danielle Kriz @daniellekrizcyb Cybersecurity policy professional; views are my own. Global policy lead at Palo Alto Networks.
  • Beth Cooper @TarmacKarma PolySci major | Cybersecurity strategy and policy | USG intern 🇺🇸 | Hater of airports and flying. What did I do in a former life? United States
  • Laura Koetzle @lkoetzle VP and Group Director @forrester. Information security, compute infrastructure. International politics, literature, multilingualism. Views are my own. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Claire @claireomall3y Security & Risk @Forrester ~ #cybersecurity #womenintech #endalz
  • Shrishti Choudhary @ShrishtiChoudry Better starting small than not starting at all!!! #CyberSecurity #InfoSec Dreamer!!! New Delhi
  • Sandy @sandyt inspiring InfoSec@USC Risk Management, Governance, Cybersecurity, politics, physics, science, data wonk, and raising a space nerd. (opinions are my own) Los Angeles, CA
  • Xheni @xh3n1 Information Security Student, software developer @phpList, @RailsGirlsSoC alumnae , @Nextclouders ᴄᴏɴᴛʀɪʙᴜᴛᴏʀ, @OpenLabsAlbania ᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ. 🌍. Cyberspace
  • Anisa Kuci @AnisaKuci #FLOSS hacktivist, Member @OpenLabsAlbania Enthusiast of: @Debian, @OpenStreetMap , Agriculture. @OSCALconf co-organiser, #Mozillian,
  • Christine Gibson @cholderby Data and project management, IT security, book nerd and indoors enthusiast. Constantly evolving and in permanent beta. Ann Arbor, MI

  • Angie McKeown @AngieMcKeown Into Loose Leaf Tea. Starts too many businesses. Founder @NIGameDev and #NIGameAwards. Passionate about roomscale VR & Cybersecurity. I heart Forensics. Bangor, N.Ireland
  • Claire Burn @RhythmOfRiora MSc Cyber Security. Python/C++. Director @WWCBelfast. Singer. Writer. Speaker. Tea & Data nerd. Organises tech conferences @WTMBelfast. DMs Dungeons & Dragons. Verdant (RAINY) N. Ireland
  • Sarah McCarthy @crypto_mccarthy PhD Student and Research Assistant at CSIT Belfast, specialising in post-quantum lattice-based cryptography. Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Sarah Crabbe @SarahCrabbe1 Senior Lecturer in IT at York St John University, e-Pedagogy Teaching Fellow and SFHEA. An active Coach and studying for a PhD around anxiety in computer users. York Uk
  • Crypto Blackboard @amydashrose Co founder of the Crypto Clothesline podcast & Owner of Crypto Blackboard – the crypto learning platform. http://cryptoblackboard.com Australia
  • Katrina Donaghy @katrina_donaghy Connector. Co-founder @civicledger @AUblockchain #Blockchain #citizenatthecentre #womeninblockchain. Brisbane, Queensland
  • Pip Ryan @pipryan Barrister and lecturer, UTS Law. PhD in law from USyd. Researching breach of trust, commercial equity, the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and writing analytics. Sydney, Australia
  • Elizabeth Chee @TokenMed COO & Cofounder @FoundationHit & #BITAlliance. #allthingstech #Healthcare, #Digitalhealth #AI,#IoT, #Blockchain, #Smartcities, #womenintech, #connectingpeople. Global
  • Emma Weston @emmamweston CEO & Co-founder @Agri_Digital immersed in all things #blockchain #smartcontracts #smartassets #smartfinance #smartag #agtech. Sydney, Australia
  • Leah Callon-Butler @leah_cb Co-Founder of @intimate_io. Crypto crusader, blockchain believer & social impact entrepreneur. Dreaming of a decentralised future. https://t.me/intimatetoken. London, England
  • Cindy Chin  @cindylchin Likes a good tweet • Boomerang catcher • Dream chaser • MOM • CEO @clcadvisors • #NASADatanaut • Co-Founder @womenontheblock •Tweets flying objects & #tech. 40.6700° N, 73.9400° W
  • Louise Doorn @doorn Flying Dutchwoman. Founder and CEO @hellomaas hustling between NYC and Amsterdam. #martech #blockchain #futureofwork #p2p. New York City
  • Katherine Kuzmeskas @kkuzmesk CEO SimplyVital Health – Fortune’s 34 Leaders Changing Health Care – blockchain+Healthcare – check it out at @SimplyVitalHQ
  • Ayesha @AyeshKiani Crypto @RepublicCrypto l Previously @SingularDTV l @Overlapcc | MNT @TechStars I Board @Venture4America I Lawyer | Raver | Non – Profits Fanatic | New Yorker. New York, NY
  • Efi Pylarinou @efipm Independent & Trusted Fintech & Blockchain advisor @desico_io @BlockLoan @lodexaus @wundermuseum Co-founder of Daily Fintech.
  • Cherie Aimée @xocherieaimee Ranked #6 Top 100 Woman in Blockchain; Director of Communications ShipChain; Board of Dir. Columbia Univ Medical; Female Leader of the Year; @Influencive. New York, NY
  • YUREE HONG @YureeHong17 Marketer in Blockchain | Founder of SHE Blockchainers Asia, empowering women in future technology LinkedIn@yureehong17. Singapore
  • Alice Hlidkova @alicehlidkova Founder/CEO. Cryptocurrency Strategist & Writer. Founding team @ https://pitchinvestorslive.com/  Chicago, IL
  • Piece Of The Py  👸🏽 @PieceOfThePy Crypto Lover ❤️ | I Enjoy Learning & Sharing New Info | I Make Videos About Cryptos | Named 2018 Top 10 Women in Crypto by ICO Journal | http://314.show/YouTube My World
  • Gem @GemCrypto Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Positivity prevails! Time for plan ฿. 🌐 Steemit, Snap, Insta & BitTube = @GemCrypto💎 London, England
  • Vanessa  🍓 @CryptoVanessa Crypto enthusiast and fulltime HODLer •Let us bring #Crypto to Mainstream •still learning •no financial advice •Tweets are my opinion #DYOR Germany/Italy
  • Crypto Angel  🌶 @ltc_angel Tech nerd👩‍💻|Crypto analyst/investor🤑|Writer/Poet🕊| Law LLB (hons)🎓| Gamer🎮|Pokemon + Spongebob lover| Mostly FA, regulatory updates and some fun. 😁 On the blockchain
  • Ivy  🚀 💜 💙 💜 🔥 @cryptoaddict86 Passionate crypto investor here to meet amazing likeminded individuals! Non of my posts r ever intended as financial advice. DYOR $SCRL $ZIL $VIA $BTC $WTC $ENG. crypto land
  • Wendi Whitmore @wendiwhitmore Global Lead IBM X-Force IRIS, Formerly CrowdStrike & Mandiant. All views are my own.
  • Jen Weedon @jenrweedon Geopolitics & info security. @Facebook. Former @FireEye/@Mandiant. @FletcherSchool and @SmithCollege grad. Interruptor @FPInterrupted. RT not an endorsement. Alexandria, VA
  • Katie Burnell @thefrozenpea Insider Threat Analyst (EMEA) at Dtex Systems. My views are my own etc etc
  • Narelle Devine @narelle_devine Chief Information Security Officer at the Australian Government Department of Human Services. Opinions are my own. Follows and retweets are not endorsements. Australia
  • Stephenie Andal @StephenieAndal Project Officer, National Network at @AustCyber. PhD Sydney Uni, Govt & Intl Relations, China cyber policies, Asia Pacific digital politics. Was @UniofOxford. Sydney, Australia
  • Catherine Bridges @cyberbridges Cyber security adviser, design lover, connector, lawyer and innovation advocate, curious about State and human behaviour as cyber actors. Tweets own. Canberra
  • Kirstin McIntosh @CyRiseKirstin Working @CyRise, Australia’s cyber security startup accelerator. Holds strong views on acronyms. Belated convert to Lego. Melbourne, Victoria
  • Valeska Bloch @valeskabloch Partner at Allens & co-head of Allens Accelerate. Focus on tech, media, telco, startups, data, privacy, cyber security, blockchain, IoT, AI. Opinions are mine. Sydney, Australia
  • Tammy Moskites @QueenofCandor CISO/CIO/Sr Security Exec-God & Family come 1st; Integrity is my foundation; Mentor, Road Warrior, Foodie, Candor is one of my best qualities-These are My Views. Charlotte, NC
  • Erica @ezk80 Passionate about building a cyber safe community & Mum to 2 gorgeous boys. Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people. Bruce Schneier
  • Maria Milosavljevic @maria_milosav NSW Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO). Adjunct Professor @UniCanberra. Views are mine. RT ≠ endorsement. Canberra, Australia
  • Alex V. @alex_v811 working to secure IoT @cogsystems 🌏 former @AustCyber
  • Cyber Savvy @CyberMatthews Information on cyber security, fraud & staying safe online. Be #CyberStreetwise. 📱💻🖥🎮 Stay #CyberSavvy. 👁👁 Cyberspace
  • Jo-Anne Frais @JoAnneFrais IT Account Manager for @select_tech 1 of the South East’s leading IT solution providers. 20+ years ind exp. Looking for genuine business opportunities. Kent England
  • Julie Clegg @HuntedJulie #Entrepreneur, #Investigator, Media Contributor, #Author & #Cryptocurrency Advisor. #Intelligence Expert On @Channel4 hit TV series #Hunted & #CelebrityHunted. Worldwide
  • Clare Johnson @ClareOnTheRun Head of Cyber Security at USW, passionate about teaching and learning, studying for a PhD on Academic Integrity. Mediocre runner when time permits. Wales
  • Sharan Johnstone @sharanjohnstone Senior Lecturer in Cyber, Policing, Digital Forensics and Law. SFHEA. Mum of two boys and huge fan of tea and all things cakey 🍰🍮🍾 South Wales
  • Kristen Larson Kozinski @KristenLarski Founder/CEO @dontclickonthat | InfoSec Trainer @nytimes | Formerly AppSec @mailchimp | cheerleader for women in infosec | she/her New York, NY
  • Saleema Syed @saleemasyed Director of Business Services @DUOsec USA
  • Fahmida Y. Rashid @FYRashid Paranoid. she/her. I write about infosec & its impact on our lives for @DecipherSec. Tell me your stories: PGP https://keybase.io/fahmida  Signal 347-707-4104. center of the world
  • CFennelly @carole_fennelly Freelance Information Security Consultant. Greater NYC area
  • Cassandra Browning @windycitycassie Expat and IT Professional interested in cyber security, science, technology, responsible busiieness, and 日本語。Opinions are my own. Britain, Britain, Britain
  • Leah Phifer @Phifer4Change Cybersecurity, counterterrorism & women’s rights | former @FBI, @DHS and #MN08 candidate | Masters of Public Policy from @HHHschool. Minnesota, USA
  • Sofia @ San Francisco @SofiaSZM #Nerd & #ScienceFiction lover🖖🏼, #CyberSecurity Manager, CEO @idialoghi, Wife of @Saiber_Man & Mother of 2 ❤️, #breastcancer survivor, #HappyExpat 🇮🇹🇦🇪🌍 Dubai
  • Cristina Magro @CristinaM_SANS Business Development Manager for @SANSEMEA Southern Europe. #InfoSec #sicurezzainformatica #ciberseguridad #Cybersecurity #GIAC Swansea, Wales
  • Cybermum India @Cybermum_India As McAfee’s Cybermum India, I create awareness among parents about cyber threats to teens and tweens and suggest ways to keep them safe online. Kolkata & Pune, India.
  • Akancha Srivastava @AkanchaS Social Change Leader | Cyber Safety Expert | Founder- Akancha Against Harassment | Speaker. Mumbai
  • Eileen_Brewer @tothelefteileen Director @Symantec | Professional Mentor @TechWomen | Investor @GoldenSeeds | Speaker, panelist, workshop leader | World Wonderer 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 California, USA
  • Maria Douich @douich_maria Mom 👧🏻. Fiancée 💍. Marketing Unicorn 🦄 | Owl Cyber Defense @owlcyberdefense | Solving cybersecurity nightmares. Connecticut, USA


Do women make up only 11 percent of the cybersecurity workforce? Or, is the figure closer to 20 percent?

Cybercrime Magazine believes the number is so big that we’ll need a database to handle the chore. We’ll be back shortly with a powerful searchable directory of women in the cybersecurity field. Our weekly articles with the names of women in cyber will continue to be unstructured and make for a fun read – the database will bring structure and make it easy to search for names by keywords and phrases.


While Twitter is hardly the only source to research names, our team has concluded it’s the best for this project. We may certainly expand the format, but for now a project of this sort is a huge undertaking and we need to stay focused.

We will be crowdsourcing names as part of our research and compilation. Do you want to participate? Get in touch with us here and we’ll explain how you can contribute names to the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field.

Many of you sent us names earlier this week. We are grateful for your contribution – and our team is processing them.

– Steve Morgan is founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures.

Go here to read all of my blogs and articles covering cybersecurity. Go here to send me story tips, feedback and suggestions.

Casey Morgan, a junior at St. Anthony’s High School in Huntington, N.Y., contributed research to this story.

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