Women in the cybersecurity field. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

494 Women In Cybersecurity To Follow On Twitter, More Names Pouring In

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of its kind

– Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Sausalito, Calif. – Aug. 1, 2018

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field. The tally was up to 407 last week — and we’ve got another 87 this week, for a total of 407 to date.

The compilation started on Jun. 26 with an inaugural list of 58 women in cybersecurity to follow on Twitter — including CISOs, IT security pros, cybersecurity company founders and CEOs, entrepreneurs, community organizers, investors, government workers, journalists, and more.

Looking for more women in cybersecurity? Look no further. This week’s list:


  • Sarah Issacs @ConventusCorp Security Analytics for Endpoints and Servers. Chicago, IL
  • Maya Schirmann @MayaSchirmann #CMO @XMCyber_ | #cybersecurity | #AI | #hackers | #Marketing | #Startups | #infosec| #inboundmarketing | #GrowthHacking | #B2BMarketing. Tel Aviv
  • Katie Wyslocky @katiewyslocky 🇺🇦 + 🇨🇦 | Cyber Security Analyst @TBS_Canada and member of @cyber_simply show | Thoughts are my own | #GCDigital #SecureGCDigital #GCDigitalID. Ottawa, Ontario
  • Annie Parker  🌈 @annie_parker Global Head of Startups at Microsoft. cofounder @CodeClubAus, @TechfugeesAust1. Feminist. Come for the startup stuff, stay for the doggos #payitforward. Sydney
  • Amy Kate Boyd @AmyKateNicho Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft in the Growth & Ecosystem Division (G&E). I specialise in Data Science and Machine Learning. Warwickshire, UK
  • Lidia @pink_tangent Love InfoSec 🇦🇺 🐨| Be real & authentic | Forever student | BHAsia | @bsidesmelbourne | mentor |🐧 Break, fix, learn, rinse, repeat..
  • Jessie Frazelle @jessfraz A superhero with supervillain tendencies. Keyser Söze of containers. Linux things @Microsoft, Xoogler, ex-Docker core maintainer. https://contained.af . Falken’s Maze
  • Marley @mkr_ultra First place champ, Crying About Space, ’08-’18. Tequila & mezcal and CrossFit & trail running. Security geomancer and your benevolent blue team space queen. Maryland
  • Jennie K @TXJennieK Cybersecurity Researcher * HW & firmware * Philanthropist * Texan * Love to educate and eat * Drank the #Cisco kool-aid * Tweets are my own. Texas
  • Claire Tills @ClaireTills Research Analyst with Tenable. Comm researcher w/a passion for infosec. Tweets and blogs my own & don’t reflect views of my employer. Maryland
  • Caitlin Johanson @SecurePessimist Application Security something-or-other. Views and opinions expressed are mine, not my employer’s.
  • Jamie Winterton @j_winterton Dir/Strategy @asu_gsi and Fellow at @FutureTenseNow. Recovering physicist. I rant about encryption, privacy, and running. Sometimes I post photos of coffee. Arizona State University
  • Kim Possibly @gadgetsquirrel ISACA San Diego President. IT audit and now #infosec. let’s also talk about cake, good food and bubbly.
  • Emma McCall @RiotNymia Infosec Witch @ Riot Games. Hacks, DFIR, Malware Analysis and Roller Derby (Bend Over Hackwards #500). All memes, opinions and cute girls are my own ♥ Dublin City, Ireland
  • MelSec @melsecurity Obsessed with Infosec, Threat Intel, Detection and Response, dogs and funny people. Events Committee Lead for @wisporg Pronouns she/her
  • Ashley Tolbert @ashleytolb #CyberSecurity | Software Engineer | @CarnegieMellon alum. Passionate about #techforgood. Currently at @Stanford’s @SLAClab. Operations Lead @WISPorg. San Francisco, CA
  • Pirate Moo @apiratemoo Breaker of things. Harvester of nerd tears. Some say #hacker, I say enthusiast. Evil #INTJ, Just a #cow 🐮 Random nobody. Too grey for Twitter. Tweets are mine. United States
  • Debbie Tunstall @DebsTunstall Head of Education for Cyber Security Challenge UK. Views are all my own.
  • Lizzie  🏳️‍🌈 @glitchliz Cyber witch, infosec princess, crafty in a few ways. She/her. I do bad things to websites but only for money.
  • Sarah A @sa0un dataviz + webdev + infosec + human rights | @mozilla Open Web Fellow working on data security & privacy | Formerly @HRW @SilkDotCo @RADdotCAT | Beirut ➝ NYC
  • Magen Wu @infosec_tottie I’m a Sr. Associate at Urbane Security and am passionate about the intersection of InfoSec and Psychology. I also love to cook, travel, and living in FL! ÜT: 47.671804,-122.114229
  • Bev Robb @teksquisite Infosec writer, editor & “thought leader.” Some bandwidth available soon 🙂
  • Jenee Roger @likeidreamof28 #Foodie #LockPicker #AvidTraveler #PantherNation #ComputerGeek #AnimalLover #HappilyMarried #CEO @fox_pick @hak4kidz #supporter Charlotte, NC
  • StarLordess @pjarmstrongaz InfoSec Analyst with a love of technology and creative flair. Go Red Team! I’m here to chew bubble gum and kick bad guy ass. And I’m all outta bubblegum. Gilbert, Arizona
  • Eleanor Saitta @Dymaxion Thinking about systems, security, failure, change, art, and living. Recruiting barbarians; complicate your narratives. Available for consulting. HEL/BER/NYC/LON/Airspace
  • Kieczkowska @kieczkowska threat intel intern @Zonefox; previously @DjangoGirls coach and organiser and @PyCon & @PyConPL helper; opinions are my own and not the views of my employer
  • Rebekah Brown @PDXbek Overly optimistic infosec analyst | @Rapid7 | Author | SANS Instructor | Spend my time on threat intel, research, music, coffee, and raising 3 little geniuses. Bellevue, WA
  • Emily Gladstone Cole @unixgeekem UNIX and Security Admin, baseball fan, singer, dancer, actor, voracious reader, student. Opinions are my own and not my employer’s.
  • Nicole Beckwith @NicoleBeckwith DFIR @OhioAuditor and USSS Task Force 🚔 Ohio’s 1st female police sniper. @Secjuice Editor-In-Chief. Speaker. Writer. Shark Diver. #FUZZYSNUGGLYDUCK 🦆
  • Zeena @hizeena public servant / padawan hacker / advocata diaboli @ongov 🇨🇦 // prev: founding team Ontario Digital Service // #opengov #privacy #a11y #infosec #viewsaremine Toronto
  • Tina @securingbagels junior security analyst | kickboxing 💪🏾 | coffee. hot sauce. | guitar 🎸 l BBA Information Security & Assurance | currently pursuing CCNA
  • Emiliska @emiliska security analyst intern | info assurance & cyber defense student checking out IaC ☸️, cloud services☁️, golang, and powershell 👩‍💻☕️🍋
  • JBD @rakyll Cloud diagnostics and debuggability at Google. Keeping things boring. Personal opinions. Northern California
  • Ænna @bubblewire In IT-security. Prefer IPoAC. Likes Old School EBM and custome parties. Vegan and aspiring world conqueror. Swedish expat. Organizer @ http://sec-t.org  San Francisco, CA
  • Emily Shawgo @EmilyShawgo Grad student at Carnegie Mellon | Cybersecurity nerd | Obsessed with puzzles of all kinds | Bad at finding restrooms Pittsburgh, PA
  • Alex Glow @glowascii she/her // robots, music, wearables, language, EEG, bikes. // Hardware nerd @hacksterio // Thoughts & feels my own. // Cover: PCB by @JunesPhD San Francisco, CA
  • Jane Ginn @CTIN_Global Aggregating high-quality CTIN member sources with real-time posting on threats | ISAOs | CTI-TC | OSINT | Analytics | ThreatIntel | CyberSecurity | Malware
  • Kimber  👩‍💻 @kimberMuffin top 5 #dc801 influencer || your local magical girl 💁🏼‍♀️ || heckin cybersecurity 🔥😰
  • Anna  🍋 @securitanna “summery butterfly citric hacker friend”—@arshia__• CS @uwaterloo • prev @UWCrySP @NCCsecurityUS • founder @starconuw • security intern @newrelic • she/her!
  • Ivy @ivydigitalstorm 🛡cybersecurity grad student at SANS institute 👩🏻‍💻 full spectrum wargaming 📡 player of Go 🌈 team leader of @hackerwomen ⚡️
  • Joanna Rutkowska @rootkovska Founder of Invisible Things Lab and @QubesOS. Distrusts computers. Warsaw
  • Pamela McIntosh @PammieMacSF IP Networking, Cloud, Content Delivery, Security, SD WAN, Dragon. San Francisco Bay Area
  • Ashley Hernandez @AshleyDFIR DFIR stuff mostly, advocating for women in tech, 💚my caffeine on ice and my work/life balanced #familyfirst. Los Angeles, CA

  • Sue @Sirius_Malware Sr. Security Analyst/ IR, #blueteam 🇨🇷🇮🇪@bsidesSJO Head Organizer, Tweets/opinions about #infosec are my own. #nomugglesallowed Platform 9 ¾
  • Cheerio @Ch33r10 Cyber Threat Intel Analyst & Grad Student #WGUlife #SANSWomensAcademy2017 #FUZZYSNUGGLYDUCK🦆 #WISPDEFCONSQUAD 💫 #ENFP 💯. Chicago, IL
  • Andreas Dotorg @andreasdotorg I’m a hacker, pretty much in the old school sense of the word. But I do know IT security too.
  • Caroline Higgins @Info_Data_Mgmt #DataGovernance and #Innovation #Futurist; #CDO #CIO #CISO #CPO; #WomeninSTEM, #MLIS; lover of science, maps, wilderness, libraries, swimming, coffee & tacos. United States
  • Mara Jade @CyberQueenMara Mom, Red Team lead, Reverse engineer. InfoSec Matriarch. #DFIR. Healer of wounded badges. Pronouns- if I have to tell you, I’m doing it wrong. Geosynch orbit, Clarke Belt
  • Perla Caston @CastonPerla Cybersecurity | Hacking | OSCP | RedTeam | Retired Ballerina | Coffee, Scotch, Whiskey, Wine Enthusiast | Unity in Diversity Advocate | Splunk |
  • Yunie @yunniscan Crypto 🗝; Hacking 👩🏻‍💻; Coding 📝 • Fbzrgvzrf vg vf gur crbcyr ab bar pna vzntvar nalguvat bs jub qb gur guvatf ab bar pna vzntvar. ✨ México
  • cute misfit @unixgrl12 Opinions are MY own! retweets ≠ agreement. MS in ECE. I do tech, blue team security, cyber security, *NIX, ethical hacking, blue teams RULE, @VillanovaU Alum. The Interwebz
  • MacKenzie Brown @msgreyhat_brown InfoSec Chic | DFIR | Research Connoisseur and Writer | Founder @MsGreyHatOrg |Cats | Good Bourbon| *thoughts are my own and not of my employer. Boise, ID
  • Marina Krotofil @Marmusha Principal Analyst|SME on ICS/SCADA/OT security @FireEye, opinions are mine. Specializing on offensive security to enable defense. Striving for OT-IT zen. Washington, DC
  • Priya Chalakkal @priyachalakkal Infosec | Telco | Reversing | Spirituality. Germany
  • Snark Victory @infosecanon Jack of many trades | Futurist but Humanist | My thoughts are my own #infosec #ML #AI #tech RTs are food for thought and not necessarily endorsements
  • Cindy Ng / 吳蕙仙 @cindy_ng Infosec writer @varonis. Host weekly podcast to discuss cybersecurity, risk & vulnerabilities. new york, ny
  • Jamie @jamietomasello Privacy/anti-abuse/behavior analysis geek. SecOps and Trust & Compliance at Duo Security. Creator. Connector. Runner. My words are mine, not my employer’s. Ann Arbor, MI
  • Itgrrl @itgrrl Infosec, tech, astronomy. Privacy & security are not enemies. ‘Shiny’ is not a business case. // Opinions mine, not my employer’s. 🚀📡🛰✨💾👾🏳️‍🌈🖖 Canberra, Australia
  • Infospectives @TrialByTruth Most about #privacy and practical security. Now up to my neck in #GDPR. Here via #IT & lots of #InfoSec #GRC. Views my own or nicked from better people. UK
  • Pink Nightmare @P1nkN1ghtmare mad chemist who allegedly runs a hacker con called GrrCON
  • Isis Agora Lovecruft @isislovecruft anarchist; hacker; once-upon-a-time physicist. I might be a cryptographer, but I’m not your cryptographer. maker of 翻墙软件. آزادی بیان برای همه they/them San Francisco, CA
  • Marina Simakov @simakov_marina Security Researcher @Microsoft
  • Sweet Cyber Jones @jaidbarrett InfoSec Professional | Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, InfoSec & Tech Lover | University of South Florida Alum | STEM | eCommerce | Jamaican | Views Are My Own. Tampa, FL
  • Neelu Tripathy @NeeluTripathy InfoSec Enthusiast. Love to explore the Human side of security as much as Tech. Opinions are mine.
  • Heather Butler @Heath_cb Work in cyber security. Fitness addiction hampered by netflix addiction. Travel obsessive. Dog owner. Feminist. East London
  • Katie Knowles @_sigil Pentesting with @mwrinfosecurity by day, exploring infosec’s curiosities by night. OSCP & GPEN. Tweets are my own. NYC
  • Lori Rosenberg @InfoSecLori I’m passionate about Information Security education. Be prepared for a tutorial if you ask me a question. Nerd Alert! Yes, that’s a STNG shirt I’m wearing.
  • Meagan Dunham Keim @Meagan_Dunham Russian language nerd and InfoSec analyst. Tweets are my own thoughts and opinions. Baltimore-ish
  • Willa Riggins @willasaywhat Infosec princess with a penchant for secure coding, hacker, @veracode-r, mother of one, and wife of @nifty_ba ⚢. My words are my own; not that of my employer. Orlando, FL, US
  • Debra Baker @deb_infosec CISSP CCSP Cybersecurity Evangelist Contributor to The Language of #CyberSecurity book. Works at #Cisco. Tweets are my own. https://debinfosec.com  RTP
  • Alisa Esage Шевченко @alisaesage Independent security researcher and binary hacker. Formerly ZOR Security (sanctioned by the US gov) and Founder of the 1st hackerspace in Russia.
  • Sara Demitre @sarademitre Cyber Security Specialist || crypto || Coding Los Angeles, CA
  • Whitney Merrill @wbm312 Privacy/infosec lawyer at @EA. Hacker, badgelifer & founder @Cryptovillage. Fighting for privacy, digital civil liberties & the users. Formerly @FTC. views=own. San Francisco, CA
  • Apoorva Giri @cedricfanapoo An InfoSec Girl. @infosecgirls Bloomington, IN
  • Shreya Pohekar @shreyapohekar Chapter Lead at @nullBhopal | intern @ Infotek Solutions| Membership chair at @uitcs_acm | InfoSec enthusiast! love to code. Bhopal, India
  • Joanna Grama @runforserenity Law, information security, privacy, GRC, running, & cupcakes. It’s all cool.
  • Neha @ihtehtahen Information Security, Digital Forensics, IS Risk Management
  • Jessica Haworth @JesscaHaworth Journalist at @DailySwig Tweets mainly about cybersecurity. DMs open for tips and stories.
  • GeekMom K @kvonhard Author, Organic Content Creator for Infosec/Cybersec, mom, geek girl, tattooed knitter. Core Contributor GeekMom #binders
  • Hannah Meredith @HannahM_SANS Business Development Manager covering Denmark, Finland and Estonia for @SANSEMEA tweeting the latest cyber security training info #cybersecurity #infosec United Kingdom
  • Marie Moe @MarieGMoe Cyborg – Scientist – Infosec – @SINTEF_Infosec Associate Professor II – @NTNU – Hacking my heart: https://www.wired.com/2016/03/go-ahead-hackers-break-heart/ … Trondheim, Norway
  • Laura.exe @Kikastrophe Microsoft Security Peep. Hackeress. ENFP Unicorn. Cylon. Gamer. I put the world together differently than you do, I guarantee it. Views are my own #infosec /dev/null
  • Tanvi @TanviHacks Woman, Mother, Security and Privacy Engineer at Mozilla. Tweets are my own.
  • Valerie Thomas @hacktress09 Security Consultant, hacker, author, DEF CON Trainer, public speaker, social engineering specialist, and proud mom. Scary to some, but fascinating to others. Washington DC
  • Laura @H0tDish Cyber Criminologist, academic, analyst. Loves flowers, goats & gr8 music. Casualty of weaponized cute husbando: @TXVB #HumanZoo #BenchWarmer #BlanketfortSec
  • Jess @J3ssa VP Customer Success @Lares_ | Member (ISC)2 NAAC | BSidesLV | NCCDC | SATX? @SATXHackers loves=family|community|adventuring|networking|serving|gaming|flyfishing
  • Robin @cybertri_x Passionate about infosec, cynophilist, entrepreneur, all things UX, digital forensics, photography, continuous learning. Views are my own. Arlington, VA


Do women make up only 11 percent of the cybersecurity workforce? Or, is the figure closer to 20 percent?

Cybercrime Magazine believes the number is so big that we’ll need a database to handle the chore. We’ll be back shortly with a powerful searchable directory of women in the cybersecurity field. Our weekly articles with the names of women in cyber will continue to be unstructured and make for a fun read – the database will bring structure and make it easy to search for names by keywords and phrases.


While Twitter is hardly the only source to research names, our team has concluded it’s the best for this project. We may certainly expand the format, but for now a project of this sort is a huge undertaking and we need to stay focused.

We will be crowdsourcing names as part of our research and compilation. Do you want to participate? Get in touch with us here and we’ll explain how you can contribute names to the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field.

Many of you sent us names earlier this week. We are grateful for your contribution – and our team is processing them.

– Steve Morgan is founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures.

Go here to read all of my blogs and articles covering cybersecurity. Go here to send me story tips, feedback and suggestions.

Casey Morgan, a junior at St. Anthony’s High School in Huntington, N.Y., contributed research to this story.

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