Women in the cybersecurity field. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

132 Women In Cybersecurity To Follow On Twitter, Thousands More Coming

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of its kind

– Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Sausalito, Calif. – Jun. 29, 2018

Cybercrime Magazine has 4 women in cyber – a researcher, a reporter, a journalist, and an editor – working on a project to publish the world’s largest list of women in cyber.

The compilation started earlier this week with an inaugural list of 58 women in cybersecurity to follow on Twitter – including CISOs, IT security pros, cybersecurity company founders and CEOs, entrepreneurs, community organizers, investors, government workers, journalists, and more.

Our editors have been swarmed with inquiries from readers – giving us a collective thumbs-up, contributing names and Twitter handles, and encouraging us to keep it coming.

Cybercrime Magazine is planning to compile the world’s largest list of women in cyber. The number of names has gone from a few dozen to a few thousand in a matter of days.

While Twitter is hardly the only source to research names, our team has concluded it’s the best for this project. We may certainly expand the format, but for now a project of this sort is a huge undertaking and we need to stay focused.

We are pleased to announce that our team will be back to you on a regular basis (at least weekly, and sometimes more frequently) with new names to follow and share. We gave you 58 the other day and there’s 74 more today – bringing the count to 132.


The cybersecurity thought leaders we follow, and you should too:

  • Cori Faklaris @heycori PhD @cmuhcii researching social media, journalism & cyber security. Cat mom & politics junkie. Tweeting for @XRDS_ACM. Ex @IUPUInformatics, @indystar, @pjstar. Pittsburgh, PA
  • Mary Ellen Zurko @mzurko CyberSecurity with an emphasis on human use, integration, and impacts
  • Dawn Song @dawnsongtweets Professor in Computer Science at UC Berkeley; Research in AI, Security, Blockchain; Serial entrepreneur. Bay Area
  • Alina Oprea @AlinaMOprea Security researcher and CS professor at @Northeastern. Interested in machine learning for security, cloud security and applied crypto. Boston, MA
  • Nicole Adhyaru @Nicole_Engage Senior Researcher at @engageinfotech – an executive search firm with a technology focus. CyberSecurity is my focus and passion! High Wycombe, England
  • Louisa Partridge @LouPartridge GM Telstra Security; co-founder of @womenspeakcyber, lover of thank you notes, Noosa & online shopping 🙂 Tweets are my own. Brisbane, Australia
  • Louisa Vogelenzang @Louisa_Aus Cyber security – a risk to be managed, an essential ingredient of digital trust & a great career. Served on AISA board, cofounder @womenspeakcyber (tweets mine) Melbourne, Australia
  • Jess Woodall @JessKW_ Cyber Security Public Policy Principal @Telstra. @ASPI_ICPC & @ANUBellSchool alumna. Love the outdoors. Tweets are personal views. Sydney, New South Wales
  • Michelle M @Michelle_Mosey Senior Advisor Cyber Security, fixer, people watcher and connector, get-stuff-done kinda gal. tweets my own.
  • Kate Pearce @secvalve “Cyber” security pragmatist and occasional breaker. @internetnz council, Security Consultant @Cisco. Tweets mine only, not employer. Wellington City, New Zealand
  • Jen Stockwell @j3nst0 National Cyber Security Advisor at Telstra. Cyber Policy & Government Engagement. Melbourne, Victoria
  • Zoe Hawkins @_ZoeHawkins_ Cyber Policy | Former @ASPI_ICPC @sydneyciss @aiiansw | Interested in cyber affairs, disruptive technologies & the future of statecraft | Tweets personal Canberra
  • Nicole Murdoch @IPLawAU An Australian solicitor, engineer and cyber lawyer helping clients protect, enforce and defend IP rights. Director of AISA. Views are my own. Brisbane, Australia
  • Kelly Taylor @moet70 Country Manager, cyber connector, Auskick coach, wife, mum and owner of the odd Black Angus cow. #womenincyber. Australia
  • Jacqueline McNamara @CyberWytch Jacqui is the Head of Security Services @ Telstra, Chair of Females in IT and T (FITT) Australia, and passionate supporter of women in tech. Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Aurora Lachenauer @auroracath Geopolitics and cybersecurity researcher working @NATO, @FletcherSchool and @yale alum. Crazy about books, dogs & travel. Brussels, Belgium
  • Leah Green @LG_Adeptis Executive Search Consultant at @AdeptisGroup. Connecting #CyberSec professionals with organisations seeking to protect their physical and digital assets. Brighton, England
  • Cristin Goodwin @CristinGoodwin Cybersecurity lawyer @ Microsoft, tweets are my own. Redmond, WA
  • Roselle Safran @RoselleSafran #Mother, #entrepreneur, #cybersecurity specialist; into #worldtravel and #sustainability
  • Jaie C @JaieC Principal Cyber Systems Architect. Olympia, WA
  • Mary-Jane Phillips @MaryJane_P Removing barriers of entry into Cyber Security roles. – Free Military Veteran Cyber Security Training – Defence partner assistance. Brisbane, Queensland
  • Elisabetta Zaccaria @ElZaccaria #cybersecurity #tech #founder @cyberYLondon, #Chairman @SecureChorus, former #COO #CSO @Global_reports (from UK start-up to global biz $600M in 6 years). London, UK
  • Amy Batallones @amy_batallones Cybersecurity professional and IEEE-NY Executive Committee Officer and board game enthusiast and dance fit instructor and. New York, USA
  • Erin Vance @cybersalixer Cybersecurity professional, single mom, world traveler, guitar hero. Tulsa, OK
  • Agata Samojlowicz @agata_sam Innovation Lead – Digital (Cyber Security) at Innovate UK. Views are my own. UK

  • Priyanka @cybersecurityP Cyber Security Speaker & Consultant: Cyber Security Training, Website vulnerabilities, Penetration Testing, Network vulnerabilities. New Delhi
  • Kathie Miley @kCyberElla COO at Cybrary. United States
  • Emily Walt @emilyhwalt All cyber all the time. All tweets are my own. Boston, MA
  • Cat Foley @CatsFoley Director of Growth & Partnership @PolySwarm The first decentralized threat intelligence community | Blockchain | Cybersecurity. Puerto Rico
  • Fareedah @CyberFareedah Cybersecurity Student/Intern | Psychology as a Hobby | Semi-Serious League of Legends Player | Serious Learner | Epic Classical Music Fan
  • Tamara Kitic Yarovoy @Tamara_Kitic #Cybersecurity #Marketing Manager at @Proficioinc. In ❤ with Tracking,Analytics,Data. #Techie & Intl. Business Enthusiast. Serbian💪🏻 Always Learning!💡San Diego, CA
  • Ntathakusa @MokoenaDee Forensic Practitioner• Internet Governance• Cybersecurity• SneakerCartel• Daniel Caesar• Ethical Hacker • Human Rights. All round Feminist♀♀. Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Saskia Coplans @saskiacoplans Cofounder of @DI_Security and @mcrgreyhats all my tweets are either about tech, security or complaining about customer services 🤷🏻‍♀️ Manchester
  • Jek Hyde @HydeNS33k Hi! I’m Jek & I break into buildings! 🧚🏻‍♀️ Nefarious Character 🤓 Red Team🕷 Thief 😇 Social Engineer 🌹 Crazy Like a Fox 🦊 Let’s be bad guys 😈Dallas, TX
  • Bat @mzbat NaaS (No as a Service), InfraSec, artist, tank girl, spooky space bat. PhD in Horribleness.🖤 @18F #nasa 1/3 @DEAD10C5 🦇 @RallySecurity https://keybase.io/mzbat Midwich, California
  • @3ncr1pt3d InfoSec analyst. Threat intel. Writer. Diversity. Bridge builder. Speaker. INFJ. ♬Mom. ITIL http://keybase.io/ch3rylb1sw4s  Views expressed are solely my own. Toronto, Canada
  • Lesley Carhart @hacks4pancakes DFIR @dragosinc TOC, martial artist, gamer, marksman, humanist, Lv13 Neutral Good rogue. I write & tweet *very serious* things about infosec. Thoughts are mine. Chicago, IL
  • Kate Brew @securitybrew Resilient. Want blogs & speakers for #Infosec community. Editor corp #security blog. #OWASP #Austin & @LASCONATX boards #GeorgiaTech No hidden agendas. a Guy Lost in Middle America
  • Jennifer Arcuri @Jennifer_Arcuri http://Entrepreneur.Security .Blockchain. Fearless, & loves those not afraid 2 do big things. Ready 2 move mountains. Views my own. Founder @myhackerhouse @innotechlive. London, San Francisco, Huntington Beach
  • The People Hacker @Jenny_Radcliffe #ThePeopleHacker, Host of #HumanFactor #podcast, #KeynoteSpeaker, #SocialEngineer, #Deception, #Security. Always rum for pirates… U.K usually…
  • Natalie Silvanovich @natashenka Tamagotchi Hacker. Google Project Zero. Mountain View, California, USA
  • Shannon Morse @Snubs Internet Media Host / Producer with @Hak5 & @TekThing – Singer, Actor, Keynoter, Gamer, Atheist, Geek & Gadget Educator, KM6FPP. セーラームーン🌙. Views R Mine! San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Azeria @Fox0x01 Insecurity Researcher | Reverse Engineer | Creator of @azeria_labs | ♡ Assembly, Reverse Engineering, ARM Exploitation | I hack for a living. 👩🏼‍💻🦊 Europe
  • Yasemin Acar @yazz_acar human factors in security. lifting all the weights. Allsmiles.
  • Heather Adkins @argvee Director Information Security & Privacy @Google. I want to be a medieval historian when I grow up. Fire Dragon, INTJ. My views are my own. California
  • Melanie Ensign @iMeluny  Security + Privacy Comms @Uber | @defcon press lead | honorary Cameron Crazie | shark🦈 advocate | I walk fast even in heels | she/her. San Francisco
  • Debra J. Farber @privacyguru Privacy strategy, evangelism & public policy at @BigIDsecure • Co-founder of @WISPorg • 14 yrs managing privacy & security projects • life-long learner • mentor. San Francisco • Denver
  • Kathryn Haun @katie_haun General Partner @a16z. Teach @StanfordGSB. Board @Coinbase @HackerOne. Fmr fed prosecutor @JusticeDepartment alum @Stanford @USSupremeCourt w/AMK. United States
  • Jen Wieczner @jenwieczner Senior writer @FortuneMagazine: Wall Street, $$$, crypto. Editor @FortuneLedger. Ride bikes, do yoga, drink green juice. Vee-ETCH-ner. jen.wieczner@fortune.com. New York, NY
  • April King @aprilmpls Head of website security at @Mozilla. Thinks all locks should be green and all spells should be blue. Aka @CubeApril. Minnesota
  • Selena Kyle @selenakyle protects platforms & people online. graphs the grey cybers: econ, risk, fraud, infosec, datasci ⭐ researcher, designer, artist & mathlete. what the fox says 🦊slightly south of wall street
  • Amanda Rousseau @malwareunicorn Malware Research Unicorn @EndgameInc. Interested in Malware, Reverse Engineering, and Fashion. DEF CON. My thoughts are my own. @VanitySec Creator. San Francisco, CA
  • Jennifer Tejada @jenntejada Mom, wife, leader, thinker, doer, wave rider. CEO @pagerduty, board member @puppetize, proud @umich alum
  • Megan Roddie @megan_roddie Cyber Security Analyst. GCIH, GCFA. Occasional public speaker (and blogger and guest podcaster). #ActuallyAutistic. Austin, TX
  • Michala Liavaag @IGimp Experienced Information Security Manager that delights in geeking out on all things cybersecurity and privacy related… Wakanda forever 🙌🏾. England
  • Nicola Whiting @CyberGoGiver CSO, Titania Ltd | Infosec Geek | ESTJ-A| Amazon Bestselling Author & Speaker | Belives in Go-Giving | Is ActuallyAutistic. Worcester
  • Dr. Leila Powell @lc_powell Lots of “ists” – former astrophysicist 🌌 data scientist 📈, feminist 💃, environmentalist 🌻, recovering perfectionist 🤓. Working in infosec at @panaseer_team. London, England
  • Ela @ela_neagu Co-Founder and CPO at Nettoken @nettoken_UK | ex research associate @HHCDesign. London, England
  • Veronica @verovaleros Woman. Hacker. Disruptor. Mentor. Speaker. Malware Researcher. Network Security. Studying Remote Access Trojans. // Co-founder of @womenintechfund & @mateslab. Argentina | Czechia
  • Jax Gough @jaxgough Packet junkie, Internet Specialist and Senior Cyber. When AFK, I am a powerlifter.
  • Sian John @sbj24 Executive Security Advisor at Microsoft. Any views expressed on Twitter are my own and may not represent the views of Microsoft. London
  • Jennifer Sunshine @SecureSun Living and loving the pirate life at IOActive – a global security research and services firm. Bouncing around the world
  • Teri Radichel @TeriRadichel CEO, 2nd Sight Lab | GSEC, GCIH, GCIA, GCPM, GCCC, GREM, GPEN | AWS Hero | Infragard | IANS Faculty | SANS Community Instructor. Seattle, WA
  • Jennifer Manguino @jennymangos #InfoSec, #IDS/IPS, #Linux, #Cyberwar, #NetSec, #Suricata, #OpenSource, #Snort, #Audit, #Risk, #SIEM. Infosec pro @ Tactical FLEX, creator of Aanval IDS Console. Chicago, IL
  • Wendy Goucher @WendyatGoucher Senior security consultant – which means I help you work more securely because I’ve been doing it a while and am still learning. Scotland
  • Caroline Wong @CarolineWMWong Born and raised in San Francisco. Toddler mom. Dog lover. VP Security Strategy at @cobalt_io. San Francisco
  • Tanya Forsheit @Forsheit hair, Privacy & Data Security Group, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz. Nerd lawyer. Blue Devil. LA Cty Bar Trustee. Mom. Not in that order. Tweets are mine. Los Angeles
  • CyberRiskLady @CyberRiskLady Growth Hacker & Market Strategist for Cybersecurity & Tech; STEAM Advocate. @KatzcyLLC Founder. Reston, VA
  • Stephanie Balaouras @sbalaouras Research Director @Forrester covering #infosec, #cybersecurity, #privacy, #businesscontinuity. Some tweets about #womenintech, #environment. Tweets are my own. Boston, MA
  • Kristin Paget @KristinPaget I hack things, including self-driving cars @LyftLevel5. Oakland Hills, CA
  • Tiffany Strauchs Rad @TiffanyRad Computer security researcher, professor, and lawyer. My comments are my own. D.C. area & Maine
  • Soraya Iggy @GeekChickUK Herder of InfoSec cats with sugru addition. Followers must be fluent in spanglish. Be aware rants ..all mine. somewhere in the interwebs
  • Sec Barbie @SecBarbie Cyber/Information Security Professional, Partner at @UrbaneSec, DJ Bubbles, Fine Dining Lover, Wine Butler, and forever student of life! #StarChaser #RTR🐘. Chicago-ish-World-ica
  • Joyce Brocaglia @joyce_brocaglia CEO Alta Associates; Founder The Executive Women’s Forum Information Security Privacy & Risk Management. New Jersey, USA
  • Dr. Angela Orebaugh @AngelaOrebaugh Professor @UVA, teaching the 21st century cybersecurity workforce | Futurist | Sustainability Evangelist | Author | Speaker | Philanthropist | Adventurer. Saving the world, bit by bit


Do women make up only 11 percent of the cybersecurity workforce? Or, is the figure closer to 20 percent?

Cybercrime Magazine believes the number is so big that we’ll need a database to handle the chore. We’ll be back shortly with a powerful searchable directory of women in the cybersecurity field. Our weekly articles with the names of women in cyber will continue to be unstructured and make for a fun read – the database will bring structure and make it easy to search for names by keywords and phrases.


We will be crowdsourcing names as part of our research and compilation. Do you want to participate? Get in touch with us here and we’ll explain how you can contribute names to the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field.

Many of you sent us names earlier this week. We are grateful for your contribution – and our team is processing them.


The author of this article (and the first one from earlier this week) is a guy and he didn’t feel worthy of continuing. Why should a man be the lead writer about women in cyber? But then again, he’s an advocate for women in cyber, the father of four daughters (and two sons), and he writes for a living. So after much introspection, discussing with our team, feedback from readers, and with trepidation, he will continue on … for the time being. One of his daughters often says, “Dad, you’re so dumb” – and she’s usually right. But fortunately she works here and is on the women in cyber project – which should help keep a dumb writer in check. It’s worth noting that the women in cyber at Cybercrime Magazine outnumber the men, and they approve of the author (for now!).

– Steve Morgan is founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures.

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Casey Morgan, a junior at St. Anthony’s High School in Huntington, N.Y., contributed research to this story.

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