Cybersecurity Glossary


The Editors at Cybersecurity Ventures bring you a collection of top cybersecurity glossaries and dictionaries for newbies, students, teachers, IT professionals, the media, researchers, and cybersecurity experts.

A to Z of Data Threats

Sophos, a leading IT security company, provides a thesaurus containing an alphabetical listing of data threats. This guide is written in plain language, not security jargon. So it’s perfect for IT managers and end users alike. And the more you know about individual threats, the better prepared you’ll be to defend against them. A PDF version is here.

Common Cybersecurity Terms

Scott Schober, author of Hacked Again, has appeared regularly on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business & Fox News, CNBC, CNN, as well as local and syndicated Radio including Sirius/XM & Bloomberg Radio. He has assembled a list of common cybersecurity terms for small business owners and anyone who wants to know more about cybersecurity.

Glossary of Security Terms

SANS Institute, a leading information security training, certification, and research firm, provides a comprehensive alphabetical and keyword searchable directory of security and related IT terms. This is a handy reference for any security or IT pro.

List of Cyber Definitions

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), a NATO-accredited research and training facility, provides an extensive list of cyber definitions. There are no common definitions for cyber terms – they are understood to mean different things by different nations / organisations, despite prevalence in mainstream media and in organisational statements. Given this ambiguity, the glossary aims to provide a picture on how nations / states and different institutions, interpret and approach cyber.

Global Cyber Definitions Database

The Global Cyber Definitions Database, provided by the Cybersecurity Initiative from New America — a think tank and civic enterprise committed to renewing American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the Digital Age — houses over 400 cyber and information security related definitions from around the world. The keyword searchable database contains definitions from international organizations, standard setting bodies, states, and other sources such as the Oxford Dictionary on Computing.