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Why The World Wants To Give Passwords The Finger

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Sausalito, Calif. – Jun. 21, 2024

Passwordless authentication is crucial today, with 81 percent of data breaches caused by weak or stolen passwords. Traditional systems also lead to user frustration and productivity losses, as 65 percent admit to password reuse across accounts.

Riya Shanmugam, CEO at Hawcx, an intelligent passwordless authentication company that drastically minimizes the risk of a personal data breach using zero-knowledge key-based authentication, recently came on the Cybercrime Magazine Podcast to talk about why passwords stink, and what can be done about them.

There are over half a trillion passwords in use today and an average user has about 100 online accounts, according to a Hawcx blog post. The company stands ready to solve an enormous challenge.

Listen to the Interview

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