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Specialization And Education: Solid Foundations For The Future

Technology innovations are advancing at light speed, sparking the minds of all and forging new boundaries. The future of technology is endless and brighter, as new talent is emerging.

– Héctor Guillermo Martinez, President, GM Security Technologies

Puerto Rico – Jul. 20, 2018

There are plenty of opportunities available for the next generations that are being trained to achieve greater knowledge and milestones with vast experiences. These generations have begun to develop themselves in fields that were not previously even considered part of a cybersecurity curriculum. With the advent of new technologies and payment methods, such as ecommerce and transactions made through the internet, the best prepared human capital for these areas in Latin America has become a scarce commodity and perhaps one of the most important and challenging tasks for the technological area. Another contributing factor being the lack of access to quality education at par with technology, which prevents people from developing to their fullest potential.

It is increasingly necessary to have well trained human resources based in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the Caribbean region that have the education, tools and skills to perform tasks that were previously carried out from other parts of the world. The specific case of cybersecurity should call for reflection, as an example Latinos are not inclined to use alternative payment methods, precisely because we do not trust how our data will be handled and who could have access to it.

Therefore, it is our duty not only to ensure that people have access to the best cybersecurity specialization possible, but also to ensure they feel the desire to study this area of expertise and become the new evangelists required to break this myth related to cybersecurity and technology careers in the region. Education has always been aimed at illuminating where there is darkness, and in this case, to clarify the collective question of trust in the digital world.

The cybersecurity specialization is one of the most demanding and coveted areas of expertise at the regional level and only by having the best trained and talented human capital, will it be possible to continue the good fight against cybercrime. There are innumerable threats that arise minute by minute; without a doubt it is a must to be prepared always two steps ahead of the rest going forward and through the cybersecurity realm.

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La Specialización Y La Educación: Bases Sólidas Para El Futuro

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