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March 2020 Cybersecurity Calendar

FutureCon Launches Next Generation Cybersecurity Conferences In 27 Cities Across N. America for 2020

– Kayla Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Feb. 19, 2020

From ambitious InfoSec professionals to executives, and on to folks who are merely conscientious about their data privacy, everyone must keep their fingers on the pulse of the cybersecurity market.

Its ever-evolving nature means it’s nearly impossible to stay on the bleeding edge, yet still necessary to remain informed and clued-in about what’s happening. From high-profile attacks and events to the tools and methods used to combat them, just about everyone has a vested interest these days.

If anything, the concept of a digital transformation — happening across every organization known to humankind — has only made it more vital than ever to keep up with cybersecurity news.

That’s precisely why we’re back with our monthly cybersecurity calendar, which includes some of the most significant events for the month. You should either be attending or planning to check out one of the functions listed.

Here are all your March cybersecurity events. Due to the Novel Coronavirus, and in the interest of health and safety, some have been omitted:

1. Command Control – Mar. 3 – Munich, Germany

Aimed at CXO (chief executive officer) level professionals, the European Cybersecurity Summit — also called Command Control — is meant for leaders and decision-makers.

The theme of the conference centers around the modern digital transformation, to help business leaders grow awareness and knowledge on cybersecurity risks and challenges.

2. IAPP Data Protection Initiative – Mar. 11 – London, UK

Thanks to new legislation and a strong focus on data security and privacy for U.K. citizens, businesses that operate in the country have a responsibility to secure all systems, data and solutions.

IAPP is a privacy-focused conference aimed at helping those in the business world understand and improve general protections.

3. Women In Cybersecurity (WiCyS) – Mar. 12 – Aurora, Colorado

The goal of WiCyS is to offer mentoring, networking and much more to women looking to further their cybersecurity careers. Women from all over the world come together to discuss and explore their roles in the cybersecurity industry.

Beyond that, it’s an innovative and growth-focused environment that aims to propel all attendees forward in their occupations and opportunities.

4. InfoSec Finance Connect 2020 – Mar. 15 – San Diego, California

InfoSec Finance Connect 2020 is another CXO-level event, meant for professionals with direct experience in the financial tech field. Professionals from some of the top credit unions, U.S. banks, insurance companies and financial service providers will be in attendance.

The peer-to-peer conference will connect everyone in attendance, with the overarching goal to improve security and awareness in the financial services sector. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the function is invite-only.

5. ISC West – Mar. 18 – Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’d like to see and experience some of the latest cybersecurity technologies, the International Security Conference and Exposition is for you. While the event is for professionals who are working within the United States, anyone can attend.

It is the most prominent security trade show in the U.S. Nearly all technologies will feature, including public security, biometrics, drones, advanced robotics, video surveillance systems and much more.

6. Insomni’Hack 2020 – Mar. 19 – Geneva, Switzerland

Equal parts security conference and hacking contest, Insomni’Hack 2020 is an annual meetup bringing together some of the most talented professionals in the field.

Founded in 2008, this has become one of the most comprehensive information security events in Switzerland to date. Group talks are held featuring experienced professionals like Riccardo Sibilia — head of Computer Network Operations for Swiss Armed Forces — and Nimrod Stoler, a top cybersecurity researcher at CyberArk Labs.

7. CyberTech Africa – Mar. 24 – Kigali, Rwanda

With an emphasis on B2B — and connecting professional parties — CyberTech Africa is one of the country’s largest cybersecurity-focused events.

From extensive exhibitions for multinational companies to live lectures and open discussions, the convention will be a welcome experience for all industry professionals.

8. FutureCon’s St. Louis Cybersecurity Conference – Mar. 25 – St. Louis, Missouri

As a staple of the cybersecurity market, FutureCon’s events feature high-level security training alongside cutting-edge industry technologies.

Conferences always feature an informative, open panel of C-level executives, many with direct experience mitigating cyberattacks and major security threats. Anyone looking to broaden their experience and knowledge of the sector would do well to attend.

9. DFRWS Europe – Mar. 25 – London, UK

The Digital Forensic Research Workshop brings together all professionals in the digital forensics field to broaden communication lines and improve industry workings.

Researchers, practitioners, law enforcement, academics and even military professionals come together to discuss and explore annual challenges and field-related innovations.

10. Digital Expo Manchester – Mar. 25 – Manchester, UK

One of the largest general security conferences in the United Kingdom, Digital Expo Manchester involves practitioners from nearly every field of digital technology.

Proponents from cybersecurity, A.I., cloud computing, IoT, blockchain and data analytics have a role at the event.

Book Your Tickets

Just one glance at the list, and it’s obvious how many cybersecurity events are happening throughout March. There is certainly no shortage, which means there should be something here for everyone.

Choose one that matches your needs and skillset, and then be sure to book a spot. There’s so much you can gain from attending one of these conventions, whether you’re new to the field or have been participating for years!

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– Kayla Matthews is a technology journalist and cybersecurity writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. To read more from Kayla, visit her website.