Cybersecurity Ghostwriters. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

List Of Top Cybersecurity Copywriters In 2021

Who will write your articles and blogs

Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Sausalito, Calif. – Mar. 10, 2021

Are you a cybersecurity founder or CEO suffering from writer’s block? No worries, just dial up a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters are paid to write articles, books, and a myriad of other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author.

Can you see a ghost[writer]?

Our full-time staff writers and freelancers author all of our own articles. But we have in fact seen some very good ghostwriters who specialize in technology and cybersecurity.

A bit of caution before you plunge into putting your name on content written by another person: Make sure your ghostwriter’s experience lines up to the type of material you need published.

If you’re looking for someone to write articles under your name for Cybercrime Magazine, then we urge you to use someone with a deep background in journalism. A master at writing white papers and marketing collateral may be a newbie when it comes to articles in well-known media outlets.

10 Cybersecurity Ghostwriters

Who’s who in cybersecurity? Ghostwriters are not likely to show up on any industry lists! So here’s 10 the editors at Cybercrime Magazine are watching in 2021, and you should too.

  • Dawn Blizard, PhD, Providence, R.I. Over a decade of experience as a freelance cybersecurity writer and technical editor. Leading technology brands trust Dawn to create messaging that will showcase their expertise and resonate with their audiences — including CIOs, CISOs, IT leaders and channel partners.
  • Steve Eggleston, Falls Church, Va. Critically-acclaimed, Amazon Bestselling author, ghostwriter, co-writer, memoirist, collaborator, and writer for hire, published in fiction and non-fiction, in books, novels, newspapers, magazines, blogs, white papers and all variety of web content. Steve’s freelance writing on cybersecurity includes articles, white papers and case studies.
  • Sara DeForest, San Francisco, Calif. A passionate storyteller with a sense of humor. Sara is a freelance B2B content marketer and copywriter with 10 plus years of experience helping startups to large enterprises find the right words to grow their business.
  • David Geer, Ashtabula, Ohio. Content marketing writer and subject-matter expert in the B2B cybersecurity niche with a passion for writing blogs, articles, eBooks, social media copy, and listicles. David enjoys creating thought-leader content. He likes ghostwriting and producing contributed articles and crafting white papers, case studies, and web page content.
  • Sherry Jones, Spokane, Wash. Do you want powerful, engaging, persuasive content that positions you as the leader in your field? Sherry has the knowledge, the experience, and the drive to write exactly what a cybersecurity company needs — on time, every time. She has ghostwritten articles in, FedScoop, CSO Online, and others.

  • Tam Harbert, Rockville, Md. Award-winning journalist specializing in technology, business and public policy. Tam combines her expertise in these subjects with excellent research, reporting, interviewing and writing skills to craft articles that are compelling, insightful, informative and entertaining.
  • Eli Kirtman, Cincinnati, Ohio. He writes an array of B2B content and copy that positions your products and services where they should be — at the forefront of your prospect’s mind when making critical buying decisions regarding enhanced and impenetrable cybersecurity. Eli understands why your products and services play a critical role in cybersecurity.
  • Daniel Rosehill, Jerusalem, Israel. Freelance PR consultant and writer specializing in developing and executing thought leadership-led communications strategies for clients in the cybersecurity and technology sector. Daniel specializes in working with executives, companies, and agencies to develop thought leadership campaigns for delivery in print, in pixel, and by speech.
  • Rodika Tollefson, Seattle, Wash. Freelance B2B cybersecurity and technology writer who delivers masterful content that resonates with a target audience and aligns with business objectives. Rodika’s superpower is, according to one client, delivering well-crafted content, distilling complex themes into accessible narratives.
  • Neal Ungerleider, Chicago, Ill. Ghostwriter and content strategist focused on cybersecurity, cloud computing and biotech / life sciences work. Neil is a strategic communications consultant specializing in partnerships with agencies and in-house clients. His boutique consultancy offers a range of advisory and creative services.

Haven’t seen a ghost you like? Try the Association of Ghostwriters, an organization for ghostwriters of books, articles, speeches, blogs and social media content.

Steve Morgan is founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures.

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