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Just-In-Time Human Awareness Intervention Is Coming

Living Security plans to “Unify” cybersecurity training for employees

Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Sausalito, Calif. – Oct. 24, 2020

If you know Ashley Rose, CEO at Living Security, then you know her mantra: “Security awareness training is broken.”

More than a thousand people heard that proclamation, and concurred with it, when they descended on the recent “Breaking Security Awareness” virtual conference hosted by Rose and an impressive lineup of top cybersecurity experts from around the globe.

After word spread of the event’s message, more people came knocking, Living Security decided to keep the doors open and there has been a continual stream of new attendees signing up for the recorded sessions.

Now Rose is calling out security awareness training for not being integrated with other tools used by cybersecurity practitioners. This is a gaping hole that Living Security plans to fix with their new “Unify” platform.

Cybercrime TV: Ashley Rose, CEO at Living Security

Fixing security awareness training for employees

The premise behind the new platform is to bring just-in-time human awareness intervention to organizations globally. “It’s the equivalent of preparing for an environmental disaster like a tornado,” says Rose, who is coy about Unify.

While we don’t yet have all of the details around Unify, there are early adopters and thousands of users who do. Living Security is working closely with a select number of large enterprises and so far the feedback has been encouraging.

At the moment, the only way to learn more is by contacting Rose and Living Security at She promises to check in with her staff on all inquiries.

If Unify works as planned, then predictive security awareness may be a new industry category coined by Rose. She’ll be reporting back to us before the year is out with more details around the new platform.

Unify isn’t the only new initiative from Living Security. The company is also devoted to keeping kids safe in an online world. Their Family First series includes videos for families to watch and share, expert webinars to discuss the latest risks online, and other resources to help keep families safe.

Family First has been a popular resource in October during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), and there’s more coming in November — including a webinar on online gaming security, privacy and predator risks.

Rose will be joined by her 12-year-old daughter in a special video podcast episode produced by Cybercrime Magazine in early November. Stay tuned!

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