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January 2020 Cybersecurity Calendar

FutureCon Launches Next Generation Cybersecurity Conferences In 27 Cities Across N. America for 2020

– Kayla Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Dec. 23, 2019

Cybersecurity workers face a changing landscape — one with more threats and avenues for attack as more data and tools move to the cloud.

All this makes building community and networking with other cybersecurity professionals more important than ever. There are a huge number of cybersecurity events held every month that can help you stay connected and on top of the latest developments.

Here are 10 January cybersecurity events to help get you started in the new year.

1. FloCon 2020: Jan 6–9 in Savannah, Georgia

FloCon provides a forum for a discussion on the intersection between large-scale data analytics and security. 

The four-day forum will host several presentations on topics ranging from AI in network security to intelligent packet capture, as well as speakers like Dhia Mahjoub, head of security research for Cisco Umbrella.

2. SANS Threat Hunting London 2020: Jan. 13–18 in London

Hosted by the SANS Institute, a well-known name in security training and certification, this event will equip you to detect threats that may already be lurking in your network.

This year’s summit will be a six-day immersion event featuring seven different courses to choose from.

3. AppSec California 2020: Jan. 21–24 in Santa Monica, California

AppSec California is a four-day event that mixes two days of training with two days of presentations and talks — including a keynote talk from Eva Galperin, the EFF’s director of security.

Topics and training will primarily cover the secure development and defense of APIs, web apps and containerized tech.

4. BSides: Throughout January in Tallahassee, Leeds, Panama and Doha

The BSides are community-driven black-hat briefings hosted around the world throughout the year. This year, there are four different BSides events throughout January.

Each BSides is brief — just one or two days — and provides an environment that’s much more close-knit and collaborative than some of the larger security conferences. 

If you’ve ever felt lost in the crowd at larger events, attending a BSides can be a great way to network without getting overwhelmed.

5. FutureCon Phoenix Cybersecurity Conference: Jan. 29 in Phoenix, Arizona

This event will provide attendees with both training and talks from industry experts. Topics covered include the growth of cybercrime and how cybersecurity workers can build resilient organizations. 

Also available at this conference will be hands-on demos of some of the newest cybersecurity tech.

6. SH3LLCON 2020: Jan. 4–26 in Santander, Spain

SH3LLCON, an annual community-focused security conference, is run by the team of organizers who put together BSidesLA over the past few years, along with a few newcomers to conference organizing.

Compared to a BSides, SH3LLCON is a bit more formal and closer to a standard cybersecurity conference — larger-scale and with talks, workshops and panels from industry experts. Like BSides, however, SH3LLCON is organized with a community and collaborative focus.

If you’re in Europe and are looking for a midsize conference with a tight-knit community atmosphere, SH3LLCON can be a great event to attend.

7. CPRCon USA: Jan. 27–29 in New Orleans, Louisiana

This event, organized by Check Point Research, brings together security researchers from around the world to show off their latest findings. 

The schedule for this year hasn’t been published yet, but attendees should expect talks and presentations on topics like malware research and recent developments in cybersecurity technology.

8. EmpoWE‐R Women of Infosec 2020 Gala: Jan. 31 in Columbus, Ohio

Hosted by EmpoWE-R, this event is a formal black-tie affair celebrating women in infosec, which the group hopes will help create a more inclusive environment for cybersecurity workers.

This gala will also feature a silent auction as a fundraiser for the group’s scholarship fund, which is earmarked for supporting women in infosec who are seeking continuing education and certifications.

9. FIC 2020 International Cyber Security Forum: Jan. 28–30 in Lille, France

The FIC International Cyber Security Forum is one of the biggest and best-known European cybersecurity events. It will feature speakers and workshops on just about every major cybersecurity topic, from the cloud to IoT to smart devices. Panels will also cover new frontiers in cybersecurity — like in-vehicle data and machine learning.

10. CPX 360 2020: Jan. 27–29 in New Orleans, Louisiana

CPX 360 bills itself as the “premier cybersecurity summit and expo.” This conference will feature talks and presentations from industry experts on just about every major topic right now — cloud security, AI and all the newest innovations in cybersecurity.

The conference will also feature live demos and best practice workshops where speakers will provide security tips and tricks.

Start 2020 With These Cybersecurity Events

Every year, the number of threats that cybersecurity professionals face seems to increase. In times like these, networking, community and knowledge-sharing are more important than ever. 

Attending a cybersecurity event — no matter your skill level — can be an excellent way to connect with other security workers and learn more about the latest developments in the field.

If you feel like you need more industry contacts or are out of your depth, consider checking out one of these conferences.

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– Kayla Matthews is a technology journalist and cybersecurity writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. To read more from Kayla, visit her website.