BAS Con 2021. Photo: Cybercrime Magazine.

If Your Cybersecurity Is Broken, Then Fix It

Living Security’s virtual BSA Con 2021 is the ultimate how-to event

– Amanda Glassner

Northport, N.Y. – Jun. 15, 2021

“Breaking Security Awareness” (BSA) 2021 comes to a screen near you on Thursday, Jun. 24. One of the most anticipated events in our industry, this free, virtual conference aims to — as its name suggests — break the mold of security awareness and “wage war on the human risk factor with evolved strategies for the way we live, work, and play today.”

The biggest security awareness event to ever take place, according to its producer, Living Security, the annual BSA Con has amassed a sizable audience of chief information security officers (CISOs) and security leaders hoping to fix and improve their training programs. Following in the footsteps of the inaugural BSA 2020, this year’s conference will not disappoint.

“The way that our field handles security awareness isn’t working anymore,” Ashley Rose, co-founder and CEO of Living Security, tells us. “We’ve been checking off a box, whereas we really need to change the way we think about the human risk side of cybersecurity.”

BSA 2021 will address all of our industry’s most urgent security concerns in wake of the coronavirus pandemic — remote working security, ransomware, social engineering and much more.

Those in attendance — whether it be from their living room couch or the office — will be treated to a series of 12 sessions introducing fresh, modern perspectives on reducing risk in organizations of all types and sizes globally.

Kicking off at noon, BSA 2021 is set to open with keynotes from co-founders Ashley and Drew Rose. From there, some of cybersecurity’s renowned thought leaders will take the stage, including Netflix’s Jimmy Sanders, Yass PartnersYael Negler, and Kelvin Coleman, executive director at the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

Some of last year’s most successful programs will also be returning — rapid fire sessions and interactive workshops, to name a few – as well as fan-favorite speakers, Jinan Budge and Chris Nickerson, who will both deliver closing keynotes.

Despite the day-long event, BSA Con’s guests “can never get enough,” says Ashley Rose, and the same can be said for the event’s organizers. “There was never going to be enough time to go as in-depth as we wanted to on certain topics.”

The solution? Living Security’s Breaking Security Awareness webinar series, which launched this year. 

“This is an opportunity for us to take BSA Con as a starting point and use each webinar to go deeper, bring in more concepts, and invite more thought leaders to the discussion,” Rose explains. “We’re determined to keep the conversation on security awareness going year round.”

The uber-hot company is already well on its way to changing the cyber risk landscape for the better. Beyond raising $14 million in venture capital recently, Living Security has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in our field through consistently demonstrating truly unique, game-changing cyber education and training — and signing some of the world’s largest corporations as customers.

“We can check the compliance box, but we know that’s not going to reduce risk,” declares Rose. “Security is about people, and that’s where we must concentrate our efforts.”

Make measurable, lasting change on your organization by attending BSA 2021. See this year’s full agenda, preview last year’s sessions, and access the BSA webinar series at

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Amanda Glassner is a staff writer and reporter at Cybercrime Magazine.

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