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Security Awareness Training: If It’s Broke, Fix It

Breaking Security Awareness, Jun. 25, Noon–5 p.m. EST Virtual Conference

Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Sausalito, Calif. – Jun. 9, 2020

Ashley Rose says the security awareness industry has failed the very employees they are supposed to be educating. She’s hardly the only one to feel this way.

An all-star lineup of cybersecurity experts will be joining Rose and her company, Living Security, at a virtual conference designed to help CISOs and security leaders fix their training programs. “Breaking Security Awareness” will take place on June 25 from 12 to 5 p.m. EST.

Living Security is the hip new innovator in the burgeoning security awareness training space, and CISOs are taking notice. Rose and her team have injected fun into a stale industry, and it’s helping to change employee behavior at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies.

Cybercrime Radio: Ashley Rose, CEO at Living Security on Breaking Security Awareness

Virtual conference on Jun. 25, Noon–5 p.m. EST Register

Waging war on human risk.

Some security awareness training programs might actually be hurting companies and their employees, according to Living Security. But the Breaking Security Awareness event aims to fix that.

Rose says that on June 25, her guest experts will teach security practitioners how to break out of the traditional checkbox and compliance mindset when it comes to security awareness training programs.

Who’s who:

  • Kelley Bray, director of Security Training and Culture for Splunk, the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform, will be leading one of the Breaking Security Awareness deep dives. Bray has an extensive background in building and leading cutting edge cybersecurity education and trust programs for organizations such as PwC, Symantec, and the TSA. She is also a board member for the Cybercrime Support Network, a public-private, nonprofit collaboration created to meet the challenges facing millions of individuals and businesses affected each and every day by cybercrime.
  • Matt Wallaert believes behavioral science can change the world. He’ll be presenting on that topic at the Breaking Security Awareness conference. For more than 15 years, Wallaert has been applying behavioral science to practical problems, from startup exits to the Fortune 500 to an array of pro-social side projects. As one of the first behavioral scientists to leave academia and work in industry, he’s given hundreds of talks on the science of behavior change at the UN, SXSW, and beyond. His book, “Start at the End: How to Build Products That Create Change,” argues that the purpose of everything is behavior change. By starting with outcomes instead of processes, the most effective companies understand what people want to do and why they aren’t already doing it, then build products and services to bridge the gap.
  • Talya Gepner, director of Information Security Training and Awareness at Target, a top general merchandise retailer with more than 350,000 team members, is another one of the thought leaders scheduled to present at Breaking Security Awareness. Gepner  joined Target in February 2016 from Accenture where she led global training and change management projects including video games and diagnostics designed to improve information security awareness.

To see the complete cast of expert presenters on threat intelligence, gamification, human targeting, and behavioral design, and to register for the virtual conference, go to

Cybercrime Magazine will be attending Breaking Security Awareness, and you should too. Tell us what you learned there for a future story we’ll be publishing.

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We’re breaking security awareness to wage war on human risk, the intelligent way. The old school method of security awareness for compliance isn’t getting the job done and it may be hurting us. Join us at the Breaking Security Awareness virtual conference on Jun. 25, from Noon to 5 p.m. EST.