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February 2020 Cybersecurity Calendar

FutureCon Launches Next Generation Cybersecurity Conferences In 27 Cities Across N. America for 2020

– Kayla Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Jan. 21, 2020

As online threats grow, it pays to stay in the know about cybersecurity. Thankfully, there are plenty of events you can attend to keep updated on the latest news and opportunities.

You’ll find an abundance of cybersecurity events in February alone, so no matter where you are or what your schedule is, there is likely a conference for you.

Below you’ll find ten February cybersecurity events to participate in this year.

1. Blacks in Cybersecurity Winter Summit

Feb. 1 – Arlington, Virginia

Starting off the month is the Blacks in Cybersecurity Winter Summit 2020. Focused on highlighting minorities in the industry, this relatively small conference is open to everyone, but may be especially appealing to those interested in representation in cybersecurity.

The summit takes place over just one day and hosts several different speakers as well as workshops and demonstrations. Tickets cost only $20.

2. MANUSEC Europe

Feb. 4-5 – Munich, Germany

The two-day European Cyber Security Summit for Critical Manufacturing (MANUSEC) provides a platform for Europe’s leading IT and OT security experts to share their knowledge and experience with others. The event includes presentations, focus groups, discussion panels and round-table discussions.

Two-day passes cost upwards of $1,000, but discounts are available for groups of three or more.

3. PrivSec London

Feb. 4-5 – London, England

At the same time as MANUSEC is PrivSec 2020 in London, which boats attendees from companies like Microsoft and Goldman Sachs. The conference focuses on issues of privacy and data protection.

PrivSec London will host more than 100 speakers from around the world and from various industries. Tickets start around $518 for standard attendees and around $1,290 for vendors.

4. Suits and Spooks

Feb. 6-7 – Washington, D.C.

On February 6-7 at the International Spy Museum is The Suits and Spooks Conference, a unique event centered around both cyber and physical threats facing people today. Keynote speakers come from both the public and private sectors, and include Recode co-founder Kara Swisher and retired U.S. Army General Stan McChrystal.

Event activities include panels, networking, speakers and product demonstrations. Standard admission tickets are $598, while government employees can get tickets for $298.

5. Offensive Security Conference

Feb. 14-15 – Berlin, Germany

One week later is The Offensive Security Conference in Berlin. While many cybersecurity discussions revolve around defense from threats such as hackers, the Offensive Security Conference focuses solely on offensive cybersecurity tactics.

The limited-admission event will hosts discussions on topics like reverse engineering and advanced exploitation techniques. Tickets start around $499, but discounts are available to undergraduate students.

6. International Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Conference

Feb. 18-20 – Nagoya, Japan

Further away is The International Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Conference (AIBC), which is being held in Nagoya, Japan, this year. The conference features research and peer-reviewed papers about AI and blockchain security from all over the world.

In addition to the research presentations, AIBC will host keynote addresses from some of Asia’s leading professionals. Tickets for attendees cost $350 for a three-day pass and $60 for a one-day pass.

7. FutureCon Cybersecurity Conference 

Feb. 19 – Los Angeles, California

Cybersecurity event company FutureCon will be hosting their Los Angeles Cybersecurity Conference on February 19. The event aims at senior-level security professionals and offers presentations from industry leaders and a panel of notable executives.

Full-day passes are available for $200, while afternoon passes are $50 and exhibit hall-only passes are $45. If you can’t make it to the LA conference, FutureCon is also hosting an event in Dallas, Texas, on February 12.

8. Internet of Things India Expo

Feb. 19-21 – New Delhi, India

Starting on the same day is The Internet of Things India Expo, a massive conference centered around developments in the Internet of Things (IoT). While this covers much more than just online safety issues, cybersecurity is a focus area of the event.

The IoT India Expo hosts more than 200 speakers, 1,000 delegates and 30 represented countries. Visitors can attend for free but still have to register in advance.

9. The Human Hacking Conference

Feb. 20-22 – Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Also taking place towards the end of February is The Human Hacking Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Focused on social engineering, the conference offers training in things such as intelligence research, human deception and effective security practices.

Attendees can participate in up to five workshops and a variety of speeches. Tickets go for $1,699 until February 9, after which visitors must purchase them on-site.

10. RSA Conference

Feb. 24-28 – San Francisco, California

At the very end of the month is the RSA Conference (RSAC) 2020, taking place in San Francisco. The theme of this year’s RSAC is “The Human Element.” Topics will revolve around human involvement in cybersecurity.

With more than 500 sessions and 700 speakers over five days, there’s a wealth of information available at RSAC. Full conference passes start at $1,995 with single-day passes at $1,185. Student and group discounts are also available. Save $900 with this special registration from Cybersecurity Ventures.

Cybercrime Magazine is a media sponsor for RSAC and we’ll see you there!

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– Kayla Matthews is a technology journalist and cybersecurity writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. To read more from Kayla, visit her website.