Cyber Safety. PHOTO: Living Security.

Family First Teaches Cybersecurity Lessons To Mom And Dad

A new program educates parents and their kids

Amanda Glassner

Northport, N.Y. – Feb. 23, 2021

“It’s so easy even a parent could do it,” pleads Bella Rose, a 13-year-old aspiring cybersecurity expert, referring to the dire need for adults to learn how to protect their children from hackers and online predators.

Unfortunately, cyber defense is daunting for any parent. Why? They don’t have the time or resources to get up to speed on technology, let alone cyber threats.

Have no fear, the Family First Series is here. It’s developed by Living Security, a fledgling Austin, Texas-based cybersecurity company that has worked with big businesses, providing cyber-safety tips to employees at Target, Verizon, Walmart, and others.

Co-founders Ashley and Drew Rose always wanted to get outside of that box and reach the people who can really bring these skills home: parents.

Consisting of three expert webinars, Family First supplies moms and dads with a wealth of easy-to-understand resources to help keep their children safe. And the best part? It’s all free.

So, in a world revolving around the internet, how can you be sure your kids won’t get sucked in? Unfortunately, you can’t. But you can start by having a conversation.

Talking to teens is hard, we know, and so do the Roses, which inspired them to film three PSAs (public service announcements) to accompany the webinars. Clocking in at around two minutes each, families can watch the entire series before they’ve finished dinner, leaving plenty of time to get in at least one episode of everyone’s favorite Netflix show before bedtime.

Starring and written by their daughter, each video includes vital information about potential dangers on the web.

“A lot of people don’t really know the risks and threats of the online world,” says Bella in an interview with Cybercrime Magazine. “I have super cool parents who can teach me about that, but a lot of people don’t, so they need to learn what to do.”

Parents learn important lessons including how-tos on locking browsers, monitoring social media, and catching video game-related cyberbullying.

For kids, the series gives tips on keeping personal information secure, ignoring friend requests from strangers, and, perhaps most urgently, never posting anything online that they wouldn’t want Granny to see.

Knowledge is power in the war against cybercrime. After completing Family First, you’ll gain confidence and be prepared to keep scammers and cyber intruders out of your family’s lives.

To see the Rose family dynamic in action, watch Ashley and Bella’s full interview here.

Amanda Glassner is a staff writer and reporter at Cybercrime Magazine.

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