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Dr Jay Makes Cyber Simple In 60 Seconds

Cybercrime Magazine podcaster has found 100 ways to teach cyber safety. Sponsored by Mastercard

– From the Editors at Cybercrime Magazine

Sausalito, Calif. – Apr. 11, 2022

Cybercrime is projected to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

As a cybersecurity executive, Dr. Alissa Abdullah knows the topic can be dense and complicated — so when she set about creating the structure and tone for her new serialized cybersecurity advice series on the Cybercrime Magazine Podcast, Abdullah, also known as Dr Jay, drew on just one inspiration.

“Cybersecurity needs to be understandable to everyone. This is especially important as digital adoption is surging,” she told Cybersecurity Magazine as her weekly podcast, “Mastering Cyber” sponsored by Mastercard, recently reached its 100 episode milestone. “I wanted to create something that my mom could easily — and quickly — understand.”

“As an organization, Mastercard wants to help simplify cybersecurity. It’s why we committed to this podcast partnership and it’s why we make episodes that connect everyday life experiences to cybersecurity.”

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That idea has guided the program’s planning and execution over the past two years and led to episodes such as “Tax Time,” “Do You Shoulder Surf?,” “Back to School Safely” and “Trust Me, No One Calls You!” — all speaking to everyday actions whose cybersecurity implications might never occur to many people.

“There are everyday things that we do, and everyday things that we don’t even think about,” she explained, citing parents’ habit of posting cute photos of their children and the schools they go to, or even photos taken at homes whose physical characteristics can reveal where they live.

“You just never know how much information you’re sharing and how that information could be used against you,” Dr Jay said. “So, I was thinking about how I can educate people in everyday terms and things they interact with very regularly, to make them more cyber aware.”

“Those games that we play on social media could really be an adversary trying to gain data.”

A wealth of perspectives

Dr Jay’s experience in cybersecurity hasn’t just come through her own everyday life. As deputy chief security officer (CSO) at Mastercard, she leads the Emerging Corporate Security Solutions team and is responsible for protecting Mastercard’s information assets as well as driving the future of security.

“Mastering Cyber” is one of the many ways she is living her passion of making cyber simple for everyone. As a lecturer at the University of California Berkeley and lead of the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council’s Digital Identity committee, she is used to explaining security concepts at a range of different levels.

She also recently joined the board of advocacy group Girls in Tech, giving her more perspective on the impact of cybersecurity and the importance of cybersecurity awareness.

“I’m never the person that’s going to say, ‘don’t use this,’ ‘don’t do that,’” she said. “I’m the person that says, ‘use it, but on the other side, you have to be responsible.’ You have to be aware and know where your data is going and how it’s being used.”

“I want to think about how we continue to embrace technology and enjoy its benefits, but continuously protect ourselves.”

– From the Editors at Cybercrime Magazine

Brought to you by Mastercard

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