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Cybercrime Studios For Podcast Video Production In Historic Northport, N.Y.

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– Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Northport, N.Y. – Jan. 15, 2019

Cybercrime Magazine is excited about the opening of our new Cybercrime Studios in historic Northport, N.Y. The small seaside village has been home to writer Jack Kerouac — author of the famous novel “On The Road” — and the backdrop for big-screen motion pictures, indie films, and TV shows.

Our team of hosts, writers, editors, videographers, and content specialists film podcast video interviews on the second floor of the Brush Building on Main Street — built in 1925 and renovated in 2017 — which is steps away from Northport Harbor.


“If you know cybersecurity, you have a guaranteed job. For life.” – Robert Herjavec, Shark on ABC TV’s Shark Tank / Founder and CEO of Herjavec Group  Read the story

We travelled to Morristown, N.J. to film our Chief Media Commentator, Scott Schober, in a 30-minute TV-style interview with Robert. Afterwards, we asked him about putting on the headphones and going one-on-one radio-style with our newly minted Podcast Host Georgia Reid. The impromptu 7-minute podcast was an instant hit and we’ve been filming them ever since.


“So mostly my job — and this is true of any cybersecurity professional —  is to determine how to allocate scarce resources to the highest risk.” – Jim Routh, CSO at CVSHealth (former CSO at Aetna) Read the story

Jim Routh is one of the top thought leaders amongst Fortune 500 CSOs and CISOs. He’s granted interviews to many reputable media outlets over the years. We were looking for something a little different from Jim – and we got it … on-location at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Manhattan campus. This is one of our ‘Ask The CISO’ podcast video interviews.


“Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest scams to be perpetrated around the world.” – Frank W. Abagnale, iconic ex-con-artist and long-time FBI consultant Read the story

Frank Abagnale’s riveting story provided the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film, Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Abagnale and Tom Hanks as the FBI agent fast on his heels. It was an honor and privilege to film this interview with him on-location at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Manhattan campus.


“When Girl Scouts surveyed girls about the STEM skills they wanted to learn, ‘cybersecurity/white-hat hacking’ appeared high on the list.” Sylvia Acevedo, CEO for the Girls Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) Read the story

Cybersecurity Ventures announced that Sylvia Acevedo, the CEO for the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), has been named its 2018 Cybersecurity Person Of The Year. She’s a lifelong Girl Scout, STEM champ, and advocate for girls and youth education. It was a treat for us to have Sylvia film an interview and accept her award in our studios.


“Cybersecurity is a very fast changing, dynamic space.” – Ken Xie, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Fortinet Read the story

Ken Xie is one of a rare breed of visionary founders that are able to pivot from startup entrepreneur to big company CEO. He’s the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of Fortinet, the world’s third largest pure-play cybersecurity firm. We met Ken at 1 Penn Plaza in NYC to learn more about him and the future direction of Fortinet.


“What I learned at The White House was the adversary has a lot more capabilities than anyone realizes.” – Theresa Payton, President & CEO at Fortalice Solutions Read the story

Theresa Payton, former White House CIO, is one of our nation’s leading cybersecurity experts. Many people know Theresa for her 2017 role as Deputy Commander of Intelligence on CBS’ TV show ‘Hunted.’ When she visited our studios to film this interview, we were captivated by her message.


“If you haven’t learned how to fail elegantly – and how to recover from failure – then you’re not going to be successful in this (CISO) role.” – Shamla Naidoo, Global CISO at IBM Watch the video

A group of top CISOs from IBM, U.S. Bancorp, Hearst, and HBO joined our Guest Host Aileen Alexander for a roundtable discussion on cybersecurity talent, recruitment, and a range of other topics. Filmed during the first annual CISO Convene at 1 World Trade Center, NYC.


“My entire background has been in tech. From a very young age I was an experimenter.” – Dr. Gee Rittenhouse, Senior Vice President/GM at Cisco’s Security Business Group Watch the video

Dr. Gee Rittenhouse, SVP and GM at Cisco’s Security Business Group, is a highly respected industry leader and has appeared before the U.S. Congress, U.S. FCC, European Presidential Commission, and World Economic Forum. He has also given numerous conference keynotes, and has been twice elected to the Global Telecoms Business Power 100.


“The cyber division is the crux of where the organization (FBI) is going.” – Amy Hess, Executive Assistant Director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Watch the video

Amy Hess is executive assistant director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and responsible for all criminal investigations. She oversees 56 field offices in the U.S. and branches in 200 countries throughout the world. EAD Hess tells Cybercrime Magazine that the FBI has to be able to adjust and adapt to the environment in which cybercriminals operate.


“We ask everyone to agree that they’ll visit at least one high school each year.” – Steve Morgan, Community Organizer for Phi Beta Cyber Watch the video

The Phi Beta Cyber Society is a grassroots movement launched by Steve Morgan. We are a volunteer corps of experienced women and men who have devoted our careers to cyber defending and protecting the United States and its citizens, businesses, educational institutions, and organizations of all types. Go to to learn more about getting involved with us.

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Cybersecurity Ventures would like to thank our partner, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), as the venue for our NYC podcast video interviews. NYIT is a NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

– Steve Morgan is founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures.

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