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Cybercrime Radio: Original Net Godfather, Former FBIer on Healthcare Hacks, Cyber Singer

Who’s talking security on the Cybercrime Magazine podcast channel

– Kayla Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pa. — May 15, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic postponed in-person cybersecurity events, but that doesn’t mean people can’t stay informed about what’s happening in the industry. Here are 10 cybersecurity podcasts to help them out.

1. Former Street King of Cybercrime Tells His Life Story — Convicted Cyber Criminal Brett Johnson

In this podcast, Brett Johnson (a.k.a. “Original Internet Godfather”) explains his long history as an active participant in high-level cybercrime, including creating a precursor to the dark web. He initially chose crime, but now uses his expertise to help others. He also describes how the internet made it easier to justify his illegal actions because he never saw the victims face to face.

Johnson details how he created some of his frauds, then goes into how he helps major companies understand how internet criminals operate and has speaking engagements to help people stay safe from cyberattacks. Individuals who can’t get enough of cybercrime podcasts should undoubtedly check out this episode.

2. Healthcare Cybercrime — Retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum

In this enlightening podcast, Scott Augenbaum dives into the serious problem of data breaches and related issues in the medical sector. In March 2020 alone, more than 338,000 individuals had health data stolen in 26 separate incidents. Augenbaum cautions how fixing the problem is not straightforward. Health care records are valuable, and the facilities that keep them are often not taking cybersecurity seriously. 

This cybersecurity expert also asserts that his experience shows that insider issues mostly occur due to mistakes — such as falling for a spear-phishing attack — whereas malicious attacks typically originate from abroad. Moreover, Augenbaum gives tips on how healthcare organizations can make improvements. Anyone with interest in the health care sector, cybercrime podcasts or cybersecurity will spend their time well by tuning into this listen.

3. Microsoft Tech Community & Gothic Opera Singer in Tech — Community Manager for Microsoft’s Public Sector Segment Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert serves as a Microsoft brand representative for members of the public sector that use the company’s products. It’s increasingly essential for brands to utilize messaging to stay in touch with consumers, a reality brought up by Quiq CEO Mike Myer, during his appearance on an episode of the StreetFight podcast. 

In Gilbert’s case, she writes blogs, participates on social media channels and oversees events where people can ask questions to Microsoft staff. This tech professional also brings up how cybersecurity knowledge is essential for public sector employees. Gilbert has a fascinating background, which includes several years as a professional, internationally touring opera singer. She shows off those skills near the end of the episode.

4. Discussion on Fortune 500 CISO Compensation — Founder and President of Benchmark Executive Search Jeremy King

Jeremy King has decades of experience building executive teams for hundreds of growth companies. He begins his insights by discussing how the coronavirus crisis introduces potential vulnerabilities due to the number of executives now working from home and making crucial decisions. Thus, security must happen in residences, as well as at work. 

The main topic of this podcast, though, relates to salaries for CISOs at Fortune 500 companies. King gives his input on seven-figure CISO salaries increasing, how things may change after COVID-19 and the number of female CISOs at top enterprises. Near the end of the episode, King weighed in about the aspects of working as a CISO, including the associated mental pressure. This podcast is crucial for anyone interested in trends affecting the CISO role in the months and years to come. 

5. Probing News Media Disinformation on COVID-19; WHOIS —  Cybersecurity Ventures and Editor-in-Chief at Cybercrime Magazine Steve Morgan

This short but informative podcast from Steve Morgan details how Jonathan Zhang, founder of Threat Intelligence Platform, sparked an investigation within his company of a site called The goal was to learn more about its possible role in publishing false content about the coronavirus. 

The research made some fascinating conclusions. This thought-provoking episode ends by urging companies to be aware of typosquatting — also known as URL hijacking — to protect employees.

6. The CISO 500 Interview — VP & CISO at United Airlines Deneen DeFiore

Deneen DeFiore is one of the most experienced cybersecurity leaders in the aviation sector, plus a board member of the Aviation Information Sharing & Analysis Center (A-ISAC), a nonprofit organization centered on cybersecurity concerns in the industry. She discusses the changes brought about by COVID-19, the shift of more people working at home, the increased size of the attack surface and the threats of coronavirus-specific cyberattacks. 

Planning is a major topic in this episode. DeFiore mentions how that’s a part of any CISO’s job but she believes COVID-19 brings another level to the plans required. A latter portion of the podcast reveals how DeFiore did not originally intend to have an IT career, but she became interested in the idea after teaching herself to code. DeFiore’s engaging tone will keep listeners hooked.

7. Do You Shoulder Surf? — Former White House Technology Executive Alissa “Dr. Jay” Abdullah

This bite-sized podcast introduces listeners to the concept of “shoulder surfing,” where a person looks over the shoulder of someone typing their passwords or disclosing other private information. Dr. Jay confesses to doing that at the airport to see how common it is for people to choose simple passwords. 

Her experience shows that most people choose basic phrases that someone could speedily determine by shoulder surfing. Then, there’s the risk of someone hacking into an unattended device based on what they observe from the other individual.

8. Business Continuity During the Coronavirus Pandemic — Avast Global CISO Jaya Baloo

The coronavirus is on everyone’s minds, and in this podcast, Jaya Baloo talks about how to continue business operations during these unprecedented times. She brings up issues such as trying to work from home with kids, plus the rise in attacks that businesses must face as they simultaneously try to equip employees to stay productive off-site. 

Baloo emphasizes the importance of planning and being aware of how to have an adequate response without knowing for sure how specifics with the virus will pan out. Besides companies working together, they must successfully engage with consumers and business partners.

9. Talking Women In Cybersecurity — Executive Editor at SC Media Teri Robinson

Outside of her six-and-a-half-year career at SC Media, Teri Robinson has an impressive career as a tech journalist. During this episode, she explains her long-term interest in the topic of females working in cybersecurity. She enthusiastically describes how SC Media has an annual issue to spotlight women in the field, and that the talent is so vast that choosing which females to honor poses challenges since the candidates are all well-qualified in some way. 

Robinson feels positive about the growing number of women becoming prominent in cybersecurity, and she gives her thoughts on recent efforts to get more women interested in the work. She expresses the need to keep females interested rather than only sparking the initial desire. The end of the podcast focuses on a few of the many females worth noting, bringing the episode to an inspiring conclusion. 

10. Introducing AuthSafe — SecureLayer7 Founder & CTO Sandeep Kamble

Getting hacked at 17 got Sandeep Kamble interested in computer and software security. That unfortunate event made Kamble interested in cybersecurity and coding. He transferred that passion into a product called AuthSafe, which can prevent account takeovers from threatening organizations. 

In addition to explaining AuthSafe, Kamble mentions some of the services SecureLayer7 provides to its customers. He also goes into how AuthSafe reduces other problems enterprises face, such as chargebacks. Account takeovers are an urgent problem, but this podcast gives cybersecurity enthusiasts a way to fight back.

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