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CISO 500: Cybersecurity Is A Team Sport

A winning approach to defending a globally diverse team of 59,000 associates

 – Hillarie McClure, Multimedia Director

Portland, Maine – Oct. 15, 2020

Our host Alissa (Dr. Jay) Abdullah, Ph.D., deputy CSO at Mastercard, recently spoke with Chris Lugo, global CISO at Danaher Corporation on the Cybercrime Radio podcast channel.

Lugo, based in Chicago, has 20 years of experience in IT networking and infrastructure. He held senior security leadership roles at Hilton Worldwide and Discover Financial Services prior to joining Fortune 500 listed Danaher in 2016.

Dr. Jay asks Lugo how being a self-proclaimed “team and culture builder” contributes to building a security-aware culture at Danaher, a global science and technology innovator.

“My team and I really drive to bring that cultural aspect into how the business thinks about risk, how they think about risk management and conscious decision making, and acknowledging that the security team can’t be in every conversation and every facet of the company all of the time” answers Lugo.

Cybercrime Radio: Chris Lugo, Global CISO at Danaher Corp.

Building a security aware culture

Lugo believes security is a team sport which requires all people in an organization to manage, regardless of roles and responsibilities. Whether employees are involved in the front lines of cyber defense or promoting security awareness, no contribution is too small towards building a winning security culture.

Dr. Jay says accomplished CISOs are also psychologists and fortune tellers. Lugo concurs. Go here for an enlightening discussion between these two Fortune 500 security leaders.

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Hillarie McClure is Multimedia Director at Cybercrime Magazine.