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August 2019 Cybersecurity Calendar

Many hot events remain this summer

– Kayla Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Aug. 13, 2019

Nearly every industry has a swarm of conferences and events, and the cybersecurity field is no exception. They are invaluable to all manner of professionals working in IT, including interns and candidates interested in entering the sector.

Not only do the events play host to valuable discussions, educational seminars and much-needed debates, but they’re also used to highlight upcoming technologies and trends. If you want to stay relevant — and you certainly do — then it’s necessary to attend at least one or two of these gatherings each year.

To help maximize your experiences, here is a quick list of the best August cybersecurity events:

1. Austin HIMSS Biomedical Device Security — Aug. 13 in Austin, TX

Biomedical devices and the security of these devices on healthcare provider networks has been a hot button topic for the past few years. Learn about changes in the marketplace due to cybersecurity challenges, and an approach to understanding the true risk posed to the organization from information security risks to biomedical devices.

Attendees will learn about some key components of a successful medical device security strategy for a healthcare provider.

2. 28th USENIX Security Symposium — Aug. 14 in Santa Clara, CA

Meant for researchers, practitioners, administrators, programmers and enthusiasts, the USENIX Security Symposium is all about the security and privacy of computer systems and connected networks. Kicking off with a themed keynote, the event spans several days and serves as a hub for moving forward discussions about the industry.

Attendees will experience a rich lineup of activities, including talks, hands-on sessions, panels and more.

3. DoDIIS Worldwide Security Conference — Aug. 18 in Tampa, FL

The Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems Worldwide Conference is an annual event dedicated to discussing security topics, with a new theme each year. Innovators and professionals from a variety of industries including military, enterprise, government and academia come together to advance shared interests.

This year’s theme is Resiliency, Redundancy and Security: Adapting to Asymmetric Threats.

4. SecureWorld Bay Area — Aug. 21 in Bay Area, CA

The SecureWorld conference is happening in many places throughout the year, but in August it will be kicking off at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the Bay Area. The goal is to connect, inform and develop leaders in cybersecurity to improve the effectiveness of the overall industry.

A security-minded keynote will be headed by Stephen Dougherty of the U.S. Secret Service and Firebird AST, as well as Elvis M. Chan of Squad CY-1, National Cyber Center and FBI San Francisco.

Several panels, discussions and talks will focus on the most important topics, and there are a variety of exhibitors in attendance too. Visitors will find booths from the Global Cyber Alliance, Darktrace, Blackberry Cylance, CISO Ventures, BizzSecure and more.

5. FutureCon CyberSecurity Conference — Aug. 21 in Columbus, OH

FutureCon will combine high-level cybersecurity training with cutting-edge security approaches to help deal with threats in today’s landscape. Attendees will learn from professionals with direct experience how to deal with potential security threats, starting with a panel of C-level executives who have successfully mitigated attacks at their companies.

An exhibit floor will also be featured, with booths from dozens of vendors and security experts.

6. SecureCISO Toronto — Aug. 22 in Toronto

At SecureCISO, information security leaders and some of the largest businesses will collaborate to discuss the future of the industry and more. The one-day event will consist of discussion panels, engaging roundtables, open talks and, as always, a continuous round of networking.

A keynote will include talks from some of the most influential CISO thought leaders, before the rest of the event launches.

7. SANS Copenhagen — Aug. 26 in Copenhagen

Recognized as one of the most prominent training seminars around the world, SANS Copenhagen will help industry professionals hone their skills as a means to better defend their organizations.

For each event, SANS leaders choose a course subject and focus on that particular topic throughout, giving more insight and direction for budding professionals. At this event, the chosen course is FOR508 — Advanced Digital Forensics, Incident Response and Threat Hunting.

8. Cyber Security Summit Chicago — Aug. 27 in Chicago

The Cyber Security Summit is meant to connect C-suite and senior executives with solution providers and renowned professionals. The ultimate goal is to help everyone better secure their networks, systems and data.

Interactive discussions not only get everyone involved in the topic, but they also help everyone stay interested to maximize training and awareness. Additional activities include thought leader talks and discussions, exhibitor interactions and more.

9. DC4420 — Aug. 27 in London

Unlike some of the other events on this list, DC4420 is more personal and intimate. Held in the lovely Phoenix pub in Cavendish Square, London, attendees meet to simply discuss information security and its many complex subjects. In particular, DC4420 focuses on the security challenges faced by the civil society sector and what it looks like when applied in the industry.

10. International Workshop on Security (IWSEC) — Aug. 28 in Tokyo

In its 14th year, IWSEC 2019 is an international workshop helmed by some of the biggest organizations in information security. It includes ISEC in ESS of IEICE (Technical Committee on Information Security in Engineering Sciences Society of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) and CSEC of IPSJ (Special Interest Group on Computer Security of Information Processing Society of Japan).

A keynote will start the three-day event, after which thought leader talks, discussions and panels, training exercises and interactive exhibits will be the focus.

11. Threat Con 2019 — Aug. 29 in Kathmandu, Nepal

Threat Con is more about the hacking side of the equation, with participation from developers, security practitioners, IT administrators, executives and more. It has many parallels with Black Hat and DEF CON conferences.

Overseen by ThreatNix, the event involves many discussions, talks, panels, courses and activities surrounding cybersecurity practices and general hacking. Event leaders also encourage anyone interested to attend, no matter how experienced — or inexperienced — they are with the scene.

12. INTERFACE Boise — Aug. 29 in Boise, ID

Filled to the brim with best-in-breed cybersecurity hardware and software vendors, as well as local experts, INTERFACE is about connecting you with resources to deal with today’s threat-heavy landscape.

Presentations, discussions and panels, exhibitors and general activities will fuel the event covering a variety of topics in the infosec field. These include IT infrastructure, BC/DR, enterprise communications and much more.

Pick an Event and Commit

There’s something on this list for everyone, from experienced professionals to newbies. August is overflowing with information security events, all of which have different aims but will collectively move industry proponents forward.

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– Kayla Matthews is a technology journalist and cybersecurity writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. To read more from Kayla, visit her website.