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April 2020 Cybersecurity Calendar

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– Kayla Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Mar. 13, 2020

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues today. Thankfully, people around the globe are working to fight hackers, and you can learn from them. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to find cybersecurity events you can attend this April.

At these conferences, you’ll find expert advice, cutting-edge security tech and news on the state of cybersecurity. No matter your experience or knowledge level, there will be something for you.

Here are 10 April cybersecurity events to look into. Growing coronavirus concerns will lead to some cancellations. In response, FutureCon Events has announced virtual cybersecurity events in the Central U.S. on Mar. 31, the Western U.S. on Apr. 14, and the Eastern U.S. on Apr. 28. 

1. Denver Cyber Security Summit – Apr. 2 – Denver, Colorado

With speakers from the Department of Homeland Security and FBI, the Denver Cyber Security Summit is one you won’t want to miss. 

The all-inclusive conference aims to connect senior executives with security experts and solutions providers. If you participate in the entire summit, you’ll even earn CPE credits. If you wish to attend, register soon, because the conference screens and approves attendees in advance.

2. Cyber Security Expo – Apr. 2 – Bristol, UK

Hosted by SATOS Media, Bristol’s bi-annual Cyber Security Expo connects cybersecurity companies with potential employees. More than 80 exhibitors come to the conference offering 1,000-plus jobs.

Whether you’re looking to find work in cybersecurity or want to hire new employees, the Cyber Security Expo is an invaluable opportunity.

3. SANS 2020 – Apr. 3-10 – Orlando, Florida

SANS provides exceptional training for cybersecurity professionals. Throughout the week, the conference offers more than 50 courses taught by industry leaders.

On top of the training, SANS features exhibitions from companies like Cisco and Anomali. If you can’t attend any of the courses in-person, many of the classes offer livestreams so you can participate remotely.

4. Toronto Information Security Forum – Apr. 7-8 – Toronto, Canada

The two-day Toronto Information Security Forum offers more than 30 sessions for professionals to develop their knowledge and skills. You can earn up to 16 CPE credits from attending the forum.

Speakers include experts from the U.S. Air Force and various cybersecurity companies. Discussions will focus on risk management for businesses and how to stay ahead of growing cyberthreats.

5. Japan IT Week Spring – Apr. 8-10 – Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s largest IT exhibition covers three days, and topics ranging from 5G solutions to edge computing. While not explicitly focused on cybersecurity, the conference hosts several IT security events and exhibitors.

Security exhibits include consulting and auditing services, fraud prevention and AI security solutions. With more than 1,000 exhibitors, there’s no shortage of security expertise within the walls of this trade show.

6. FutureCon’s Houston Cybersecurity Conference – Apr. 15 – Houston, Texas

One of the leading names in cybersecurity events, FutureCon is hosting security training and discussion panels in Houston this April. 

Speakers include executives from Hewlett Packard and Sentinel IPS. The Houston Cybersecurity Conference allows you to network with industry leaders, demo new tech and learn about how to stop advanced cyberthreats. Panels will cover topics like the dark web and managing insider threats.

7. Infiltrate Security Conference – Apr. 19-24 – Miami, Florida

The Infiltrate Security Conference focuses on offense-oriented security measures. Infiltrate provides a week of discussions and training courses on how to uncover and eliminate threats to your cybersecurity.

The event’s sponsors include industry giants like Raytheon, Google and Exodus Intelligence. Courses will cover everything from hacking to reverse-engineering, with some offering CPE credits.

8. HITB Security Conference – Apr. 20-24 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 11th annual Hack In The Box (HITB) Security Conference is part security showcase and part intensive training program. Training courses extend up to four days, and speakers include security researchers from Microsoft and Panasonic.

The conference also features two hackathons and a live hacking defense competition. It’s a chance to hone your security skills and learn how to use new technology and techniques. On top of the discussions and courses, you can also view and test the latest security tools in the HITB Armory.

9. Cybersecurity & Fraud Summit Chicago – Apr. 21 – Chicago, Illinois

As part of ISMG’s Global Summit Series, Chicago’s Cybersecurity & Fraud Summit focuses on the issue of fraud prevention. The conference hosts more than 20 speakers, including specialists from the FBI and IBM Security.

Topics will cover both emerging threats to be aware of and new technology you can use to handle them. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other professionals in between forums.

10. CSO50 Conference – Apr. 27-29 – Scottsdale, Arizona

The CSO50 Conference hosts the 2020 CSO Award winners presenting their technologies and strategies. Every speaker at the event is an award-winning expert, so there’s no doubting their credentials.

The three-day conference will also offer workshops and networking opportunities, in addition to the presentations. Featured speakers include executives from Aflac, Thomson Reuters and The Walt Disney Co.

Register Now

No matter who you are or where you work, there’s a cybersecurity event for you this April. If you’re interested, register as soon as you can. For most of these conferences, space is limited, so make sure you get your tickets before it’s too late.

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– Kayla Matthews is a technology journalist and cybersecurity writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. To read more from Kayla, visit her website.