Women in the cybersecurity field. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

717 Women In Cybersecurity We Follow On Twitter, And You Should Too

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of its kind.  See the list

– Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Sausalito, Calif. – Aug. 23, 2018

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field. The tally was up to 656 last week — and we’ve got another 61 this week, for a total of 717 to date.

Before we get to the latest list, a quick mention about Black Hat USA. We sent our own Kerry Morgan, reporter, to cover the Las Vegas event. As a result, some interesting names will make their way into our compilation.

Kerry caught up with Raluca Ada Popa, co-founder and CTO at Boston, Mass.-based PreVeil, developers of an end-to-end encrypted drive and email app. PreVeil donated money to Girls Who Code for every person they scanned in their booth on the exhibit floor at BlackHat.

Raluca is also an Assistant Professor for the M.S. in Cybersecurity Program at UC Berkeley,  where she runs a cybersecurity research program that involves undergrads in the research.

Now, for the new names you’ve been waiting for…


  • Amanda Fennell @Chi_from_afar CSO for @RelativityHQ Chitown gal not from Chitown. #paradox Princeton, NJ
  • Florencia Herra Vega @flohdot “cryptographically secure but looks funny” CTO @peerio, Conference @northsec_io. Millennial, immigrant, 🌈 af. Kind of a meathead tbh. (she/her) Montréal  🇨🇦 || San José
  • Jessica Rose @jesslynnrose Technology’s den mother. Does cool things w/ @pursuitpod, @pocketsbot, @opencodeclub, @trans_code & @watchingbuffy DMs open💖 Birmingham/どこでも
  • Katie Sanderson @KatieSand3rson Award Winning Social Media Manager for @SouthEast_Cyber. Winner of the Social Media Saviour Award #SecuritySerious #UnsungHeroes. #CyberSecurity #SocialMedia. Brighton, England
  • Nina Meyer @Neinaling SCADA – Cybersecurity – Cyberattacks – Automation – AI – Robotics – Machine Learning – Technology. Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Cristina Bonanni @cribon Senior Information Developer, IBM Master Inventor #infosec, #cybersecurity, My tweets are my own. Italy
  • Ruthann Ashe @Ruthann_Ashe Data Science Entrepreneur and Communications expert. Social Media Relations and Human Resources. #DataScience #BigData #DeepLearning #MachineLearning Upper Darby, PA
  • Patricia Samad @PatriciaSamad IBM Global Cloud Security Services Partner. Leads global organizations of #privacy #risk #security professionals. #CIO / #CISO. Tucson, Arizona
  • Steph Aldridge @stephkayaks Linking up the cyber security industry; Creative thinking means I am a Geek without a discipline. @CyberChallenge #CyberCenturion @SchoolCyber @TNMOC Londinium & Boringstoke
  • Elaine McK @mck_elaine Vice-chair @Scot_WIT #womenintech #STEM #STEMAmbassador Interests: infosec, cyber, data science, encouraging young people into tech, making a difference 👧
  • Evelyn M Walker @EvelynMWalk IT Digital Educator; HR Partner; Mentor; Coach; Sponsor. Passionate about educating others, collaboration and sharing experiences……exciting times!
  • Mrs Reilly @MrsMReilly Computing Science teacher at GHS. Cumbernauld, Scotland
  • certified splunkyboi @hela_luc cybersecurity and forensics at @edinburghNapier 🌸 proud to be part of @_enusec_ 💻 license holder and organizer of @TEDxENU 🎤 mówie po Polsku Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Catherine @AlmondCats One of those tall people who get asked to reach for things in shops on a monthly basis. Cloud Security Engineer. Packet crafting, snails, and too much coffee. Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Lisa Donaldson @Liscagodo GM Ormeau Baths. IMM Designer. Women Who Code Belfast Lead, Women In Tech (Lean In) Exec. & Tech Education Network Founder. Mum, comic book & gamer nerd. Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • H McKelvie @mckelvie_h Perth Australia after 11 years in Asia. Now DevOps Security Manager @Telstra. All views are my own. Perth, Western Australia.
  • Arianna S @schulite Digging into consent @UniofOxford & the power balance between data controllers and subjects. How do we build cybersecure habits? PhD @CyberCDT. Oxford, England.
  • Yvette Johnson @JetSetYvette Mom, Info Sec GRC Crackerjack, Co-host of Southern Fried Security Podcast, BSidesATL organizer. MUFC ⚽️ ATL UTD. Snark. Opinions are mine and they flow. Atlanta, GA
  • Elizabeth Chee @TokenMed COO & Cofounder @FoundationHit & #BITAlliance. #allthingstech #Healthcare, #Digitalhealth #AI,#IoT, #Blockchain, #Smartcities, #womenintech, #connectingpeople. Global
  • CodeBasher @Judy_infosec 🔝100% Tech savage. Infosec enthusiast, pentester by day and web 👞crawler by 🌃 night 😁.
  • Lydia Gillespie @CyberProLydia Experienced #Cybersecurity professional here to fight the #ThreatActors on your behalf! @esentire – Business Development [thoughts are my own] http://esentire.com. Ontario, Canada
  • Kim Pike @KimAxiomatics InfoSec | cybersecurity | ABAC | Tech Marketing Chicago, IL
  • مجد | Majd Al-Sharif @m01jd I used to learn about everything to find my passion, until I discovered Computer Science and Cyber Security. President of @CSC_Effat Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Pamela Rustem @pamelarustem Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Abatis UK and Member of the Board, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA, UK). London, England
  • Dr Sam Type @IAmSamGeek A teacher of adults providing training on social media, iPads and IT. Uckfield, England
  • Iris @iristheinfamous Goth gal | Info sec | cosmic nihilist | Red team | All views are mine. North Carolina, USA
  • Al-Anoud Subahi @AnoudDe Internet Of Thing privacy adherence PhD researcher @Cardiff university. Msc in information security and privacy from Cardiff University/ UK. UK/ Cardiff
  • Monica Kaminska @monica_kaminska Research Affiliate @OxfordCTGA, PhD @cyberCDT. University of Oxford
  • Julia Slupska @julia_slupska Social Science of the Internet @OIIOxford: how states cooperate and compete in cyberspace. Alumna @LSEnews and @GrimshawLSE. Portrait & event photography. Oxford, England
  • MadelineCarr @MadelineCarr Researching the impact of the internet on international politics: Cyber security of IoT, Cyber norms, attribution in IR, Internet governance. Cardiff, UK

  • Leonie Tanczer @leotanczt Researcher @UCLSTEaPP & @PETRASiot Hub | Interested in *Cyber*security, #Hacking/#Hacktivism, #gender & #IoT | PRVSLY @hiig_berlin, @QueensUBelfast & @univienna. London, England
  • Shermin Voshmgir @sherminvo Director @crypto3conomics | Founder @blockchainhub | Artist @ http://kamikat.se  | Medium: http://bit.ly/2mLwTBA  berlin : tehran : vienna
  • Taylor Monahan @tayvano_ Founder & CEO of @MyCrypto Los Angeles, CA
  • @bitcoinbae DC Community Lead @ConsenSys | DC Blockchain Organizer | I love communities and I love people but most importantly I love #wings. views are my own. DC
  • @Jennicide Online since ‘94. Anxiously waiting cybernetic upgrades. Worldwide
  • Ian Coldwater @IanColdwater Spiky DevSecOps princess, ethical hacker, public speaker, former teen mom. I’ll escape any container you try to put me in. Opinions my own. Minnesota, USA
  • MaraJade @CyberQueenMara Mom, Red Team lead, Reverse engineer. InfoSec Matriarch. #DFIR. Healer of wounded badges. Pronouns- if I have to tell you, I’m doing it wrong. Geosynch orbit, Clarke Belt
  • Annalise Burkhart @AnnaBurkhart infosec, FOIA + whistleblower protection advocate | purveyor of fine espresso drinks | international law aficionado | director of operations at @pursuanceproj. Washington, DC
  • Snow  🤞 @_sn0ww ConWoman [Social Engineer] | Breaking&Entering | Phishing | OSINT | DEF CON Black Badge [SECTF] & SAINTCON Black Badge [PhySec] | 🍤 | Views = mine. New York, USA
  • Sarah @mspandorah Babe on a mission: Empowering the world with blockchain solutions by #VeChain. Country Manager, Singapore. #Blockchain #womeninTech😊 Singapore
  • Naomi Brockwell @SkyCorridors Film/TV producer, Host of #blockchain / #tech / #bitcoin YouTube show; Dance like nobody’s watching, Encrypt like everyone is. http://Steemit.com/@skycorridors . NYC
  • Emmie Chang @Emmie CEO of @superbloomhq a simplified crypto finance platform that aligns incentives using SEED token. Y-Combinator, Rice BSEE, UT-Austin MBA Alum
  • Linda @LindaCrypto Fulltime crypto researcher, investor and writer @huobi_pro  👜  👝 👛 💼 $ICX $WAN $ONT $OMG $ZIL $POA $LOOM $ZRX $HT $DBC $NEO $GAS $RHOC $BLZ $DOCK $PAL $ZCO $TNC
  • Ophir Harpaz @OphirHarpaz Cybercrime Researcher at Trusteer, @IBMSecurity. Beginner reverse engineer. Here to stay. Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Emili Evripidou @Emil_i Everything #Digital – #banking #FinTech #culture #museums #infosec … my own opinions here. London
  • DxM @FranklyDxM #Redteam, bounty huntress, traveler, single mom, mentor, mentee. New main for #infosec #OpsSec #hacker life. 🖤 Not interested in anything else. Airplanes :/
  • Sarah Wright @SarahW_Thales UKI Marketing Manager for @thalesesecurity | Explorer | Bookworm | Movie buff | Cyclist, fitness | Animal lover | Aspiring member of The Avengers | Views my own. South East, England
  • Becca Liddle  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @The_Liddler Organiser @womentechscot, security enthusiast, JPMC intern, CompSci student @GlasgowCS, OTW @CodeFirstGirls, and Future 100 @TheTab. All views are my own! 😁 Glasgow, Scotland
  • Emily Stamey @elstamey Software Engineer | Speaker | Director for @WWCodeRaleigh | Organizer of @TrianglePHP | retired Carolina Roller Girl | frog fan | IPA-hater. Raleigh, NC
  • Carole Champion @caroleschampion Founder, Presenter, Public Speaker Passionate about an informed community, working together for the greater good! #CyberCommunity. Melbourne, Victoria
  • Amy Ertan @AmyErtan CDT Cyber Security – PhD student. @RHULCyberCDT previously @OxfordPPE United Kingdom
  • Frances Domingo @wandermiles language, identity, digital equity, ethics, security, privacy, govtech. InfoSec + HCI/UX @UW_iSchool. 🏀 🎧🌈🐶. tweets are my own. MNL | OGG | SEA
  • Patricia @patriAriasC Assistant Professor @UC3M Researching on Information Security & Digital Identity Management. Community of Madrid, Spain
  • Mel.ware @LocsOnSecurity #DFIR & #infosec professional. Salsa-lover (the food & dance). Aspiring Vegan.
  • Abhineeti Singh @abhineetisingh Information Security Analyst/ Web Application Pentester/Bug Bounty Hunter. Bengaluru, India
  • Dez_Sayz @Dez_sayz Just a Geek Gurl, a Jack really, as my expertise is truly of all IT trades… #Cisco #CyberSecurity #INFOSEC #IT #SolarWinds #womenintech “my tweets are my own” United States
  • my_Dev_Lyfe @mydevlyfe #MyDevLyfe is a journey about life hacks, #careerdev, #security #infosec 💻 #STormFanGurl. Internet
  • Adriana Verhagen @AdrianaVerhagen Cybersecurity | hobby aspiring data scientist python | visual arts | book sharing
  • Jordan Kovacs @JordKovacs Network Analyst for @Novettasol. You can never learn enough. #blockchain #crypto #InfoSec #threatintel. Baltimore, MD
  • Emma-Louise Weir @EmmaWeir34 Information Security Analyst – Security Incident Management. Dublin City, Ireland
  • Lora @LoLovesPi Cyclist, group fitness instructor, dog lover, spoonie, and information security professional.


Do women make up only 11 percent of the cybersecurity workforce? Or, is the figure closer to 20 percent?

Cybercrime Magazine believes the number is so big that we’ll need a database to handle the chore. We’ll be back shortly with a powerful searchable directory of women in the cybersecurity field. Our weekly articles with the names of women in cyber will continue to be unstructured and make for a fun read – the database will bring structure and make it easy to search for names by keywords and phrases.


While Twitter is hardly the only source to research names, our team has concluded it’s the best for this project. We may certainly expand the format, but for now a project of this sort is a huge undertaking and we need to stay focused.

We will be crowdsourcing names as part of our research and compilation. Do you want to participate? Get in touch with us here and we’ll explain how you can contribute names to the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field.

Many of you sent us names earlier this week. We are grateful for your contribution – and our team is processing them.

– Steve Morgan is founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures.

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Casey Morgan, a junior at St. Anthony’s High School in Huntington, N.Y., contributed research to this story.

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