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6 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Professionals Might Choose Dallas, Texas

Ninth largest city in the U.S. offers plenty of tech industry opportunity

– Kayla Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Jul. 14, 2019

Are you considering a move to Dallas as a cybersecurity professional or enthusiast? Maybe you recently settled in Dallas and want to start exploring the cybersecurity scene there.

In either case, you’re in luck. Here are six things that help make Dallas an excellent place for people interested in cybersecurity.

1. You Can Join a Hackers’ Association

Many people in cybersecurity agree that hacking is an essential skill for people in the profession to have. In addition to helping people understand how cybercriminals carry out their tactics, hacking skills can help individuals benefit businesses by explaining which vulnerabilities their networks have and how to fix them.

Once you’re in Dallas, you can join the Dallas Hackers Association, which boasts more than 1,600 members, according to its Meetup listing. This group meets monthly and encourages participation from all members. By going to one of the gatherings, you could improve your skills, plus get to know people with similar interests and goals.

2. There Are Plenty of Exciting Conferences and One-Off Events to Help You Network

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a monthly commitment to a cybersecurity club, you can still get to know other people who are passionate about the topic by going to a conference or a similar specialized event. Some of your options include:

There are likely other events on the horizon not yet publicized. With that in mind, you should aim to keep your schedule as open as possible in case more gatherings arise that interest you.

3. The Job Market Has Appealing Options

You can break into the Dallas cybersecurity industry in numerous ways. Some cybersecurity-specific companies include:

  • Zix, a provider of email security solutions with its headquarters in Dallas
  • Zartech, which focuses on organization-level cybersecurity improvements
  • Computer Forensic Services, Inc., which offers data recovery and analysis associated with electronic evidence on smartphones and computers
  • Digital Shadows, which specializes in digital risk protection and has its U.S. Intelligence Operations Hub in Dallas

Outside of those choices, it’s important to keep in mind that companies in various other industries that have a presence in Dallas need cybersecurity experts. For example,, which was incorporated in Dallas in 1993, offers phone lists for telemarketers and similar professionals. It likely depends on cybersecurity professionals to protect its databases and the information of its customers.

Also, MapleMark Bank chose Dallas for its headquarters and has a cybersecurity program used to protect its data as well as information related to its stakeholders. You could become a valuable member of the team at that financial brand.

4. There Are Lots of Ways to Start or Continue Your Cybersecurity Education

Maybe you’re not ready to jump into the job market yet because you want to earn a cybersecurity degree or continue your cybersecurity education. You can do that in numerous ways including:

Formal degree and certificate programs:

Short-term training:

As these lists show, you can get training in Dallas regardless of if you’re earning a cybersecurity degree as an undergraduate student or enrolling in training to make yourself more valuable to a current or future employer.

5. The City Actively Supports Women in Cybersecurity

Women are underrepresented in the cybersecurity profession at large, but if The University of Texas at Dallas has its way, it’ll help change that. The educational institution has a Center for Engaging Women in Cybersecurity.

Elsewhere, in 2018, the University of Dallas awarded its first scholarship for women in the cybersecurity field. A successful applicant gets up to $3,000 to use for tuition and books.

It’s crucial for cities around the world to continue to support women seeking cybersecurity careers. These two Dallas universities are undoubtedly doing their part to help.

6. There’s a Cybersecurity Assessment Grant for Dallas Nonprofits

It’s well-known within the cybersecurity field and outside of it that some nonprofits face exceptionally high risks for cyberattacks. Often, representatives from those organizations believe criminals won’t target them, but a growing number of attacks have happened within the sector.

However, a company called DKBinnovative wants to help nonprofits get more prepared. It’s an IT services and cybersecurity company with a Dallas location. DKBinnovative recently awarded several $50,000 cybersecurity assessment grants to nonprofits in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

If you’re passionate about helping nonprofits stay safer from cyberattacks, getting involved with this company or program could be a practical way to do it.

Dive into the Dallas Cybersecurity Scene

It’s often daunting to want to get more involved as a newcomer or someone who’s otherwise not familiar with what Dallas offers cybersecurity professionals. You can use the content here to get immersed in cybersecurity happenings, find a job or start a cybersecurity education program.

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