Women in the cybersecurity field. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

1,166 Women In Cybersecurity We Follow On Twitter, And You Should Too

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of its kind.  See the list

– Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Northport, N.Y. – Oct. 12, 2018

Cybercrime Magazine is compiling the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field. The tally was up to 1,105 last week — and we’ve got another 61 this week, for a total of 1,166 to date.

Before we get to this week’s list, a quick heads-up on some great Women In Cybersecurity interviews on the Cybercrime Magazine YouTube channel.

Our recent videos include former White House CIO Theresa Payton, Xerox CISO Dr. Jay, The Cybersecurity Law Report Global Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Hughes Parker, FutureCon Cybersecurity Conferences Founder & CEO Kim Hakim, and a local Daisies Troop from The Girl Scouts of the USA. And we’ve got more coming next week! So make sure you go here to subscribe.

Now, for the new names you’ve been waiting for…


  • Karoliina Ainge @karoliinar Head of Estonian Cyber Security Policy. Tech and cyber issues. Currently on maternity leave. Tweets personal Tallinn/NY/London/Glasgow
  • Ashlee Benge @ashtr0nautt Astrophysicist turned security researcher for Talos Outreach. Opinions are my own. Baltimore, MD
  • Lesley Crook @Lesley_wolan @MinttulipLtd #UserAdoption #DigitalTransformation #Office365 #MVP #Yammer #MicrosoftTeams #WorkOutLoud #DiversityandTech #PetsAsTherapy #BeMoreSnail, London, UK
  • Melissa Coates @SQLChick Solution Architect with BlueGranite. Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Inspired to learn every day. Mom to a nutty dog. Wife of retired guy who spoils me. Charlotte, NC
  • Michelle Ufford @MichelleUfford Leads Big Data Tools @ Netflix 💭 big data, analytics infra, data eng / sci / ML 📓Jupyter & nteract 💕 music & laughter  👩🏻 she/her 🤔 My views != NFLX Los Gatos, CA
  • leila etaati @leila_etaati Microsoft AI and Data Platform MVP , PhD, Consultant, Data science, Trainer, Speaker, SQL and Power BI Chapter Leader, co-founder RADACAD Auckland, New Zealand
  • Stephanie Leutert @Sleutert Director of Mexico Security Initiative @strausscenter @UTAustin | Lecturer on MX migratory policy @lbjschool | Writer for @lawfareblog Austin, TX
  • Klaudia Kloc @KlaKlo_InfoSec freak, member of @Hackerspac3city, feminist, in love with ballet
  • Jessica @illusorycake Security engineer. Blue team. Easily spooked. Sunlight hurts. Obligatory fine print: opinions are my own
  • Dana Roth @roth_dana PC technician. Digital hygienist. A+ & Network+ & Security+ certified. Uses emojis. Hates weak passwords and tiny hard drives. http://about.me/dana.roth
  • Fiona Tweedie @FCTweedie Data lover, privacy serial pest, digital fabulist, Roman historian, curator of the surreal Melbourne
  • lauren @CrazyAlpaca25 Cyber security analyst in the aerospace defense field. Huge fan of space and dogs. Dallas, TX
  • Ashley @ashl337 security engineer. cat mom. ok at league. Austin, TX
  • Ladynikon @ladynikon hacker, mom, nerdlove, #keto, port tickler, infosec temptress
  • Kateo @vajkat I like #computers, #SCADA, and #CTFs | Senior Security Consultant @ Secure Ideas | Neutral Good Cleric | Member of #misec | #ENFJ.US
  • Paula Thrasher @paula_thrasher Changing Federal IT through Lean, Agile, DevOps ideas. I help build brilliant teams with the technical and cultural skills to transform. National Capital Area
  • Sophia d’Antoine @Calaquendi44 Trail of Bits, RPISEC, Deepstate New York, NY
  • Ramsey @Sec00000101 Security engineer, ocean lover, Kraken fan. || ‘Where there is water, there is life’ -science || ‘Where there is a sea, there are pirates.’ -Greek proverb
  • Cat Zakrzewski @Cat_Zakrzewski I write about tech policy for @washingtonpost. Previously: @WSJVC reporter, @ICFJ Burns fellow, @MedillSchool grad. Send tips to cat.zakrzewski@washpost.com  Washington, DC
  • Erica C @TechLayDee Cisco CCIE Datacenter, loves EDM music, loves playing & watching sports, loves to travel see the world & spending time with family. My Tweets are My own. Washington, DC
  • Ruba Borno @rubaborno VP/GM, Cisco Managed Services (Former VP, Growth Initiatives & Chief of Staff to CEO at #Cisco). San Francisco, CA
  • Alina Radu @transcedentalia Security Engineer @Yelp London 💻 | Restless traveller 🌍 | Amateur photographer 📷 | Tea aficionado 🍵 | Tennis player 🎾 | Happy European 🇪🇺London
  • Rola Dagher @RolaDagher President @CiscoCanada🇨🇦 Mom of two, daughter, sister, proud Lebanese & grateful Canadian. Tech Enthusiast. Driven by my passion for life, learning & people. Toronto
  • Meg Diaz @MeghanDiaz45 Adventurer, product marketer for tech/cyber security, food lover, & soccer fan (visca Barca!). *life’s an adventure & too short to be anything but happy* Coral Springs, FL
  • Alexa Trifilo @AlexaTrifilo Territory Systems Engineering Manager for @Cisco in NJ, DE, MD | Cornell Alumna Stroudsburg, PA
  • Natasha Taymourian @TechTa5h OpenDNS Engineer. Technologist. Aspiring Nerd.
  • Paola Garcia-Juarez @pgarciaj13 Master,Engineer,Faculty,SecPro,1/2 Geek,girl & @jhamcorp ´s wife. I❤️InfoSec,NetSec,👩🏻‍💻Forensics,Investigations,Fraud Prevention & TICs. Proud Hispanic! Citizen of the world
  • Tina Stewart @SocialTIS Mom, partner, friend, adventurer and VP of Brand/Demand @thalesesecurity #HappyCamper #CyberSecurity #Encryption #Marketing #WomeninTech #DisneyFamily Scotts Valley, CA
  • Swetha Kumar @Swekumar @UW Computer Science. Double Master’s degree holder. Tech Brand Ambassador and Cyber Security engineer @tmobile. Love Public speaking. Avid Kickboxer. Internet
  • Susan Verdin @Tech101Susan Passionate about Cloud and Security. 21. Working towards MCSE. Check my LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/susan-verdin-31b8b4104 … Goals: 70-533[] 70-535[]70-473[] Louisiana, USA
  • Lea Kissner @LeaKissner Principled Engineer working on privacy at Google, with a side of crypto, security, and a large dose of respect for users. she/her My opinions are my own. California, USA

  • Jessica Featherston @jfeatherston6 Hum👽n AE @Direct_Defense- Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. 🤠Austin, TX
  • Jessica Hyde @B1N2H3X #DFIR, USMC vet
  • Crane Hassold @CraneHassold Threat Intelligence | Former @FBI BAU analyst | #phishing #threatintel *Opinions and sarcastic tweets are my own Charleston, SC
  • Mary Louise Kelly @NPRKelly Host of @NPR’s All Things Considered. Former national security correspondent. Author of #TheBullet and #AnonymousSources. Washington, DC
  • Ghita Mezzour @MezzourGhita Assistant prof #UIRabat, PhD from #CMU, socio-technical systems, cyber security, data science, network science, youth employability
  • Elsine van Os @Elsine_van_Os Clinical psychologist with track record in (military) #intelligence, #security and #business_development. CEO & founder of @SignpostSix & @SignpostFilm
  • patricia zorkoVerified account @ptrczrk Directeur Cyber Security en plaatsvervangend Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid (NCTV)
  • Zeinab Raadsato @ZRaadsato A Security Enthusiast 👣, Iron Woman 👩🏽‍🎤
  • Pallavi Singh @pall8982 Malware Research Assistant at Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab #cybersecurity M.Eng. Student in Telecom. and Information Security at University of Victoria. Victoria, British Columbia
  • Paula Skokowski @paulaskokowski CMO @Yubico. Passionate about technology that improves our lives. Pioneer in IoT. Robot Engineer. Cybersecurity Evangelist. Oxford and Cal grad. Palo Alto
  • OtterAnni @0teranihilation Cyber. Cyber. Cyber. Pixie dust. Cyber. The Interwebs
  • Melody Hildebrandt @mhil1 formerly wargames, then enterprise software, now security New York, NY
  • Kooper Macleay @KooperMacleay @SignalSciences Event Marketing. Journalism junkie. Privacy enthusiast. Los Angeles, CA
  • Mwite @magwite techie, security evangelist, Christ-follower, Whovian, wannabe supermom. Advocate for women in tech & victims of Domestic Violence. opinions are my own.
  • Alex (Hoenig) Yakubov @alexhoenig Senior Director, Ecosystem @yubico, Security evangelist, I like to /giphy all the things, opinions are my own San Francisco, CA
  • Vanessa Ayala @vayalariv 🇲🇽🇮🇪 #Researcher @ucddublin #ComputerScience #anonymization #privacy #security @ForCopsIreland @leronews #SoftwareEngineer, video and board gamer, puzzle solver Dublin, Ireland
  • Kelley Robinson @kelleyrobinson Developer. Writer. Educator. Security advocate @twilio / @authy. Likes automating, organizing, cooking, creating. @umich alum San Francisco
  • Sara M @sm00dz SOC Analyst, Privacy Advocate, learning Red Team, Pentesting, OSINT, SE, Wireless, Lockpicking Kibana
  • Marco Fullin @mfullinx Securing the #Cloud, Fighting #DDoS, Researching, Consulting, Drinking, Eating, Sleeping (not really in that order) 🤟 Fancy working @Akamai Switzerland
  • Dajana Mulaj @DajanaMulaj Internet Governance | Cybersecurity | Passionate about community building ǀ @YouthIGF_AL Coordinator ǀ @internetsociety 2018 IGF Ambassador | @MozOpenLeaders 6 Albania
  • Lee Ann Villella @leeannvillella Committed to helping companies solve information security challenges. Board member of MN ISSA. Opinions are my own. Minneapolis
  • Kaliko Martin @KalikoMartin My superhero cape only grows when I help others…cybersecurity support, workforce, education… #dotconnector Arizona, USA
  • It’s malware! @itsmalware U can trust me, I is cat in a box. My tweets are my own, they don’t belong to any company or organization. | #malware | #reverseengineer | #malwareanalysis | 🌈
  • Zana Idrizi @zana_idrizi Currently at @undpeurasia. Youth, gender and peace-building in Western Balkans| Co-founder of @GirlsCodingKosova|M.A in International Security at @josefkorbel. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Bridget Pelletier-Ross @bridgalidge Cyber Security Engineer, Real Estate Investor, and Leadership Advocate. California, USA
  • Clara Gustafson @ClaraGustafson Portland, OR native  @ZeroFOX#socialmediasecurity | Views are my own Baltimore, MD
  • Abi Stanley @Abi_Optiv Senior Consultant, Optiv
  • Lily Hay Newman @lilyhnewman Security reporter. No bobsled, no problem.
  • Kimberly @tiskimber anManager, Financial Crime Analysis @FireEye. Wanna-be nerd. @GSPIA grad. My thoughts belong to me or my dog. ✌🏻
  • Cris Brafman Kittner @criskittner Cyber geek at @FireEye. Wanna-be astronomer. Relentless photographer. History buff. Opinions my own.


Do women make up only 11 percent of the cybersecurity workforce? Or, is the figure closer to 20 percent?

Cybercrime Magazine believes the number is so big that we’ll need a database to handle the chore. We’ll be back shortly with a powerful searchable directory of women in the cybersecurity field. Our weekly articles with the names of women in cyber will continue to be unstructured and make for a fun read – the database will bring structure and make it easy to search for names by keywords and phrases.


While Twitter is hardly the only source to research names, our team has concluded it’s the best for this project. We may certainly expand the format, but for now a project of this sort is a huge undertaking and we need to stay focused.

We will be crowdsourcing names as part of our research and compilation. Do you want to participate? Get in touch with us here and we’ll explain how you can contribute names to the world’s largest list of women in the cybersecurity field.

Many of you sent us names earlier this week. We are grateful for your contribution – and our team is processing them.

– Steve Morgan is founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures.

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