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Who’s Zack Hack. Stay Tuned.

His identity is a secret. For now.

David Braue

Melbourne, Australia – Nov. 24, 2021

We can’t tell you exactly who he is, but the newest member of the WCYB Cybercrime Radio team sure does know how to deal with some domestic dilemmas.

Whether he’s offering advice about how to clean showerheads, how to make sure your iced coffee doesn’t get watered down when the ice cubes melt, or how to scare the neighborhood kids on Halloween — Zack is a font of good advice for solving some of the most vexing problems we all face around the house.

Do you, for example, know how to tell if you’re getting enough sleep?

Or that you can check if an alkaline battery is dead by bouncing it on the table?

Do you know how to get the stains off of your car’s wheels?

How about which are the naughtiest and nicest holiday gifts?

Neither did we.

Cybercrime  Radio: Life Hacks

Zack Hack on the airwaves

Some of this is stuff you couldn’t make up, which is why we’ve brought Zack onboard to help Cybercrime Radio listeners find new ways of improving their lives.

He’s also a cybercrime reporter — but that fact isn’t going to help you clean your showerhead, now, is it?

Or maybe it will: cybercriminals and security researchers are problem-solvers, after all, and many of the same personality traits that set them on their career paths also make them prone to figuring out how to solve common problems around the house.

That probably explains why Zack has such a deep well of life hacks to draw from.

Each week, he has promised to keep contributing new life hacks to help you deal with just about anything — as long as we don’t reveal his identity, or the location of his secret Life Hacks Labs.

He does want to keep a certain degree of professional gravitas, after all, and talking about cat litter might break that spell a bit.

So, here’s the deal: drop in to listen to WCYB Cybercrime Radio and listen out for Zack’s life lessons. Take some notes. Tell your friends to listen in as well.

In exchange, we promise to keep his identity a well-guarded secret. Unless, of course, he stops delivering the goods — in which case all bets are off.

David Braue is an award-winning technology writer based in Melbourne, Australia.

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