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GE Aviation Is Recruiting For Ambitious Defenders Of Cyberspace

World-leading provider of jet engines is ramping up its cybersecurity team View Jobs

Ruth Bashinsky, Senior Editor

Northport, N.Y. – Sep. 9, 2019

Every two seconds, an aircraft powered by GE technology takes off somewhere in the world. That’s 2,200 planes in the air at any given moment.

Impressive. We think so too.

Here’s some more information to share.

In July, GE Aviation’s GE9X set the world record as the largest and most powerful commercial jet engine declared by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Yes, the GE9X is a beast with its 134,300 pounds of thrust. Definitely, a massive piece of machinery.

If what you are reading excites you, then this might excite you even more. GE Aviation is looking to fill its cybersecurity openings.

For those looking to be part of a culture that develops groundbreaking (and very cool) technology, works with a team that focuses on protecting the world’s airspace and our national security and has one of the catchiest taglines I’ve ever heard — Where Ambition Meets Opportunity — now is your chance.

The world-leading provider of jet engines, components, and integrated systems for military, commercial, and business aircraft, is recruiting individuals who are committed and enthusiastic about being the next leaders in aviation.

GE Aviation, based in Evendale, Ohio, with 55,000 employees in 80 cities across the globe, has 15 to 20 cybersecurity job openings from entry-level to experienced positions. That number is expected to double over the next year. The opportunities range from a level one intel analyst, level two incident responder to a senior security architect and compliance professional.

“Most of the jobs do require a technical background,” says Lori Anello, GE Aviation’s VP of threat management and cybersecurity operations. “Cyber experience is required for those roles at a more senior level. At the entry level, we can take in folks that have a technical background either on the job or through a degree focused on technology.”

Interested? Now may be a good time to get that resume together.

Mindful of the competitive job market, GE Aviation has been working on new ways to attract this different breed of job seekers. For instance, a college degree is a bonus; however, the company is also open to candidates who may have vocational school training, technical and professional experience too.

“It is a different dynamic now. We are trying to be more creative than we have in the past,” explains Anello. “We recognize that the generation coming into the workforce now is not interested in us just because we are GE. We need to find ways to reach out to them and give opportunities to more than just college grads.”

If that makes sense to you, then this could be the job you’ve been waiting for.

It was for Anello when she landed the role of aircraft engine web authentication platform leader 18 years ago. She remembers the day of her job interview as if it were yesterday.

“It was a little nerve-racking as they were on a hiring blitz,” she says. “I showed up on a Saturday to interview, and there were 20 other people in a conference room waiting to interview for roles as well including Deneen!”

Both women got the job. And, in an interesting twist, Deneen DeFiore, GE Aviation’s SVP and chief information and product security officer, is Anello’s boss.

“It’s a funny story,” she remarks. “Deneen and I started on the same day. We’ve had different journeys. I was more of a traditional IT person, and she didn’t study that in college. She was more self-taught.”

Bringing 15 years of IT experience to the job when she started at GE Aviation, Anello has grown with the company, holding various roles in security, compliance, marketing and leadership.

Today, she is a fierce leader. Her day-to-day consists of leading teams for cyber ops, threat management, cyber intelligence, vulnerability management, incident response, software development, and overseeing a group of specialists in the UK.

A worker bee by day and college student at night, Anello shares what appealed to her about the company when she was a newbie.

“I liked that GE was willing to consider my whole self and my whole background. Other Fortune 50 companies I interviewed with were more focused on my college work and what extracurricular activities I did while in school. My answer was I worked; college was my extracurricular.”

Speaking with admiration, she points out that having a mentor like DeFiore didn’t hurt either. “Deneen was the one who encouraged me to apply for the role of cyber operations leader, and I did. Here I am!” she says proudly. “I have 33 employees presently and maybe ten contractors.”

Today, both women are more than co-workers. They are also friends and work together to protect an enormous organization.

And, for Anello, the company mission never gets old: We invent the future of flight, lift people up, and bring them home safely.

When interviewing potential candidates, it is important for her to share the company mission that everyone rallies around.

“I love our mission. You feel tied to the greater mission of GE Aviation,” she says. “That is what we are here for.”

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then click onto GE cybersecurity careers.

But before you do, take a few minutes to read about GE Aviation’s 100 years reimagining flight. This year marks GE Aviation’s centennial celebration.

Good luck to you … and Happy Birthday, GE Aviation!

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