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Digital Footprints – An Asset Or A Trap For The Cybercrime Investigator?

Nobody knows people like Pipl, the #1 source for online identity and trust

Pazit Dishon

Tenafly, New Jersey – Dec. 8, 2023

The proliferation of online identities presents both an opportunity and a challenge for the professional investigator. Every email address, phone number, or social media handle can provide additional insights about a person of interest. But they can also serve as a place to hide that can leave an investigator stumped.

Whether they like it or not, both law enforcement and corporate investigators find themselves knee deep in the digital world. Discover how to unlock the full potential of online identities and avoid the traps with Pipl Search.

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Transparency is key to digital integrity and trust.

Without a clear and complete view of digital identities, it’s practically impossible to understand who’s behind these identities and whether they can be trusted.

While the need for transparency of online identities is greater than ever, so are the challenges.

Creating fake digital identities is easier than ever, opening the door for fraudsters and scammers to hide their tracks, while making it hard for those in charge to find and connect the dots, maintain the integrity of online interactions, and establish trust in the digital world.

That’s where Pipl steps in.

Pipl assembles online identity information from multiple independent sources to create the most complete picture of a digital identity and connect it to real people and their offline identity records. When all the fragments of online identity data are collected, connected, and corroborated, the result is a more trustworthy identity.

Pazit Dishon


Bringing transparency, integrity, and trust to the digital world.

We’re setting out to make our digital world transparent and safe for all, a world where identities are real and trustworthy people are trusted.

Download your guide to mastering online identities in professional investigations:

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