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Cybersecurity Experts Hone Their Skills In A Virtual Dojo

CISOs select Cloud Range to prepare for the unexpected

– Clayton Moore

Sausalito, Calif. – Jul. 29, 2020

Most cyber intrusions leave CISOs (chief information security officers) and their security teams flat-footed. Debbie Gordon, founder and CEO of Cloud Range, plans to change that.

Gordon, the winner of RSA Conference’s 2020 “Security Shark Tank” competition, provides something akin to the virtual world of The Matrix — a platform where threats can not only be simulated but also tailored to each company’s network.

She likens the Cloud Range experience to becoming a pilot — folks in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 might have the technical skills, but if they’ve never been in a flight simulator, they will not respond properly when things go awry.

Cybercrime TV: Debbie Gordon, founder & CEO at Cloud Range

Simulation training should be a standard part of cybersecurity certifications & education

Cloud Range is unique in that it provides much more than protection. It’s a cyber environment where experts project real-world attacks against a client’s security systems, and that company’s security team responds in real time. Think of a virtual escape room that is customized (for each client) to a unique set of security needs, identified risks, and other specifics.

Gordon says that because Cloud Range is used by an entire security team, they feel more empowered, more capable, and even enjoy their jobs more. Cybersecurity specialists are all too familiar with “alert fatigue,” so Cloud Range gives them the opportunity to build up the so-called “muscle memory” to respond more quickly and adeptly to cyberattacks.

Cyber fighters, like martial artists, need ongoing training to reach the expert level they aspire to, and Cloud Range is their virtual dojo. It’s a safe place to practice for the new, sophisticated and unexpected cyberattacks that will inevitably be launched on their organizations.

Cloud Range’s mission is to make simulation training a standard part of cybersecurity certifications and education, no different than other professions that require hands-on skills development before becoming a functioning practitioner.

More than 20 CISOs stood up and applauded Gordon’s vision at the world’s largest cybersecurity conference earlier this year. Preparing for the unexpected appears to be a big opportunity in the cybersecurity market.

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– Clayton Moore is a Cybercrime Magazine freelance writer.

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Cloud Range is led by a leading group of security executives and engineers who identified the need for military-grade simulation training for enterprise security teams. By developing a flexible training solution, enterprise security teams and MSSPs can overcome the skills gap while ensuring that their teams are truly prepared for cyber combat.

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