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CyberRisk Alliance

Community-Centered Cyber Intelligence

CyberRisk Alliance is a powerful market-leading business intelligence company serving the high growth, rapidly evolving cybersecurity industry with a diversified portfolio of services that inform, educate, build community and inspire an efficient marketplace.

As part of an ongoing informal media collaboration, CyberRisk Alliance and Cybersecurity Ventures have followed each other.

On this special episode of the Cybercrime Magazine Podcast, Teri Robinson, executive editor at SC Magazine, a CyberRisk Alliance property, joins host Steve Morgan, founder at Cybersecurity Ventures, to discuss how to get more girls and young women interested in cybersecurity.

Cybercrime Radio: Women In Cybersecurity

Tech journalist looks back, and ahead


“The technological advancements that let our world connect and thrive in the digital age also present increased risk as more people and organizations become victims of cybercrime,” writes Tom Miller, in SC Magazine.

SC Magazine notes Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the total damages attributable to cybercrimes — including loss of data, money, and productivity, and the costs of investigations, system repairs, and reputation damage — will exceed $10 trillion by 2025.

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“When companies are hit by ransomware attacks, they lose out financially, whether they pay the attacker or not,” writes Patrick Hayes in SC Magazine, a CyberRisk Alliance property. “No matter how quickly an organization responds, they still experience downtime, which results in lost revenue and customers. Organizations may face penalties for failed contract obligations and governmental fines for noncompliance. Then, they may have to fight civil suits and try to repair a damaged reputation. Next, they need to recover the data lost and invest in more robust security infrastructure.”

MSSP Alert, another CyberRisk Alliance property, states “Ransomware has been a significant threat for many years, Its impact continues to grow as threat actors leverage its destructive capabilities to cripple organizations from small school districts and businesses to corporate giants and large governments. In fact, a recent forecast by Cybersecurity Ventures projected damages from ransomware have skyrocketed to $20 billion annually, which is more than 57 times the figure from 2015.”

SC Magazine notes Cybersecurity Ventures predicts the global cost of Ransomware incidents will exceed $265 billion by 2031, and it’s clear that all companies, no matter what size, must take cybersecurity seriously.


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