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Cybercrime Radio: Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, Girl Scouts’ CEO, $500K Phishing Victim

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– Kayla Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Apr. 20, 2020

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If you’re a regular reader, you likely depend on us to keep you updated on all the cybersecurity events worth attending. The COVID-19 pandemic — associated with more than 1.9 million infections so far — put in-person events on hold, so we’re now covering relevant podcasts for your in-home listening. 

It’s crucial to stay abreast of ways to support your team during the coronavirus crisis. Since many or all of your employees may be working from home, suggesting cybersecurity podcasts is something actionable you can do to educate your distributed workforce.

Here are 10 recent podcasts from our Cybercrime Radio channel to suggest:

1. True Cybercrime Story: Spear Phishing Attack Steals $500K — Cyberattack Victim and Former Banking VP Lynn Wiedmer

This eye-opening podcast episode reveals how realistic many spear-phishing attacks seem. This story offers an account from Lynn Wiedmer, a woman who got tricked by a scheme where cybercriminals posed as her attorney. They claimed the need to wire hundreds of thousands of dollars concerning closing costs for a real estate transaction. 

She noted the email appeared to have accurate information about herself, her real estate agent and her attorney, so no red flags stood out. The message even said Wiedmer’s attorney would be in jury duty during the transaction and could not answer phone calls. It advised her only to maintain communications via email.

Wiedmer said she received cybersecurity awareness training for her bank position. It was not at the top of her mind, however, due to being out of the workforce for a couple of years and not anticipating people causing harm. Now, given her situation, she’s more aware of what can happen and how legitimate it may seem at first. 

2. Cybersecurity, Cookie Sales & COVID-19 — CEO at Girl Scouts of the USA Sylvia Acevedo

COVID-19 has also disrupted the Girl Scouts’ famous in-person cookie sales. However, the organization pivoted to offer online transactions of the yummy goods. In this podcast, Sylvia Acevedo discusses how cybersecurity ties into that venture and discloses the ways people of all ages learn about cybersecurity in the Girl Scouts.

3. What You Need To Know About ZOOM Security — Former White House CIO Theresa Payton

The videoconferencing solution Zoom is the second most downloaded app and is especially popular these days as people try to work from home while staying connected with loved ones. Many individuals also use Zoom to replace things they’d ordinarily do in person, such as attend a yoga class or a meetup for new parents. 

You may have noticed the recent headlines about Zoom security risks, however. In this podcast, Theresa Payton, one of the nation’s top security experts, discusses some things users can do to stay safe. Zoom describes many of these tactics in their frequently updated security white papers. 

Payton goes through setting unique meeting IDs and passwords, only allowing hosts to share screens, establishing a virtual waiting room for Zoom meeting attendees and more — giving crucial tips for a time when social distancing necessitates more online contact. 

4. The Coronavirus Outbreak: Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business — Cybersecurity Expert, Author, Inventor and Frequent Media Authority Scott Schober 

The coronavirus means many people are working from home for the first time. Schober uses this insightful podcast episode to warn against some of the cybersecurity risks more common in home environments — such as using an open Wi-Fi network or sharing passwords.  

Moreover, he notes how criminals look for opportunities to exploit victims. Whether a person is an everyday consumer or a small business owner, they must stay aware of cyberthreats — especially those related to COVID-19. Verifying information before clicking on a suspicious link is an excellent habit, Schober confirmed. 

5. COVID-19: Keep Your Business Afloat And Your Remote Employees Secure — Founder and CEO of Herjavec Group Robert Herjavec

In this podcast, Robert Herjavec discusses how most businesses did not foresee the massive widespread shutdowns and at-home work environments associated with COVID-19. He also mentions the risk of COVID-19 phishing scams ramping up and gives suggestions on how to secure work devices while using them at home. 

Herjavec stated how cybersecurity jobs would not go away, with the demand for them likely to be even higher after the pandemic eases. He suggests using the downtime for educational enrichment — which you’re currently doing by perusing this May 2020 podcasts publication. 

Cybercrime Radio: Robert Herjavec on the Coronavirus Outbreak

Remote worker cybersecurity is essential

6. Change All of Your Passwords – Now! —  Former White House Technology Executive Alissa “Dr. Jay” Abdullah

If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in cybersecurity podcasts, Mastering Cyber is perfect. Hosted by Alissa Abdullah, Ph.D. — also popularly known as “Dr. Jay” — this content requires just over a minute of attention. 

Dr. Abdullah proposes three things to do in 2020 that’ll still apply in 2021: change your passwords, pick new answers to all password challenge questions and avoid opening any attachments without scrutinizing the whole email first.

7. The CISO Minute: Women in Cyber Statistics — Former White House CIO Theresa Payton

This podcast, hosted by Theresa Payton, is another quick but informative choice. Payton gives several promising statistics about the growing number of female executives in cybersecurity roles. She asserts now is not the time to become complacent, covering how companies should institute measures to surpass the projections mentioned in the podcast. 

8. Why People Should React to Fire Alarms — Avast Global CISO Jaya Baloo

In this brief podcast episode, Steve Morgan, the editor-in-chief at Cybercrime Magazine, chats with Jaya Baloo, global CISO at Avast, about why people should react promptly to fire alarms. The two begin by recalling a true story where they were both recording a podcast together when the fire alarm went off. Although Baloo noticed the sound first and advised immediate evacuation, Morgan instead waited until someone came into the room and told them to leave. 

Baloo then transitions into talking about how it’s crucial to tell employees if they see something that sets off alarm bells in their heads, they should take action by reporting it to a superior. She brings up how many of today’s very advanced cyberattacks originate from vulnerabilities that are simple fixes. Many of these attacks are also preventable via collective efforts from organizations and workers. 

9. Don’t Be Click Bait — “Dr. Jay” SVP of Cybersecurity Technology, Deputy CISO at Mastercard

In another of the shorter cybersecurity podcasts on this list, Dr. Jay warns listeners against clicking on a link or attachment — such as one in an e-card — because it seems to come from someone they know. She explains how adversaries trick victims by hoping they’ll have emotional reactions and forget all their cybersecurity knowledge. 

10. Best Sources of Information on Application Security — CEO of Code Dx Dr. Anita D’Amico

Looking for vendor-neutral information on Application Security (AppSec)? Let this entry in our May 2020 podcasts roundup help. It lists and explains three sites to explore: The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), The Building Security in Maturity Model (BSIMM) — particularly the Resources section — and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University

Cybersecurity Podcasts to Keep You Well-Informed

The cybersecurity landscape evolves quickly. And, as many of the podcast guests and hosts mentioned here have said, the coronavirus makes some internet threats even more prevalent. Check out these podcasts to stay abreast of essential content during these unprecedented times.

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– Kayla Matthews is a technology journalist and cybersecurity writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. To read more from Kayla, visit her website.