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Cybercrime Bytes: Gamification Security, Elderly Scams, Background Checks

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Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

Sausalito, Calif. – Sep. 19, 2019

This week’s rundown is sponsored by MetaCompliance, a global leader in the human aspect of cybersecurity and privacy compliance.

— Catch a cyber crook and win a prize – some organizations are bolstering their cybersecurity with gamification. SC Magazine UK

— Phishing scams, romance fraud, and identity theft lead the way in targeting the elderly. Cybercrime Magazine

— Background checks on potential new hires should include their involvement in past data breaches. BAI

— Is there anything that can ruin a CEO’s day faster than a data breach? Cybercrime Magazine

— Smart buildings and IoT devices can create openings for cyberattacks. SC Magazine UK

— The BBB estimates that only 35 percent of small businesses could continue to be profitable for three months or longer if they permanently lost data through a cybersecurity breach. Forbes

— Five tips to stop ransomware from crippling your restaurant’s POS system. Modern Restaurant Management

— Cybercrime will become more profitable than the accumulated profits of the combined global drug cartels. Irish Examiner

— Phishing simulation (a company sends a fake scam email to its employees) can reduce cyber threats to small businesses by 30 percent. Cybercrime Magazine

— Why do cybercriminals target tradeshows and conferences? Event Industry News

— Do some infosec workers suffer from mental health disorders as a result of working long hours under constant pressure? DarkReading

— 10 cyberattacks for SMBs to watch out for. Business News Daily

— Why would a CISO or chief risk officer want to become a CISSP? Cybercrime Magazine

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