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And In This Corner, Fighting Out Of New York City, Is BreachLock’s Seemant Sehgal

Top 10 ranked pen-tester is an up-and-coming cyberfighter

Ruth Bashinsky, Senior Editor

Northport, N.Y. – Aug. 23, 2019

When Cybercrime Magazine asked BreachLock founder and CEO Seemant Sehgal which crime-fighting superhero he most identifies with he gave an unexpected answer: Heavyweight champion and Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa.

“I don’t have a superhero but I was a big Rocky fan back in the day,” laughs Sehgal. “The never say die spirit and the conviction of that character to do what is right always inspired me.”

Today, the cybersecurity entrepreneur has that same warrior spirit as he leads his team of cyber fighters that span three countries — the United States, India, and the Netherlands.

Unlike other companies that do vulnerability and penetration testing, BreachLock’s edge in the marketplace is its unique SaaS-based approach that enables clients to monitor the progress of their penetration test, request a retest, or download reports. In other words, BreachLock enables you to find and fix your next cyber breach before it happens.

“As a company, we are on a mission to make security testing smarter and scalable. We achieve this by augmenting the power of artificial intelligence, cloud, and human hackers,” explains Sehgal, who has been in the industry for close to twenty years working for many reputable companies before launching BreachLock.

And, he is glad he did.

In just over a year, BreachLock is already making headlines and garnering stellar reviews. Enterprise Security magazine named them in the Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers and Gartner Peer-Insights listed them in the Top 10 Vulnerability Assessment Solutions.

Speaking from his Manhattan office, Sehgal points out that BreachLock is on target for achieving $1 million (USD) in revenue in their first year of operations and admits that he couldn’t be more enthusiastic about his company’s future and their contribution to the community.

“I love that this field offers a unique and challenging opportunity. It is one of the few disciplines that provide a chance to fight an adversary, not just competition,” he explains.

Working in the fast-paced world of cyber, Sehgal, who happens to be a fast talker, likes the pace, explaining it is all part of the fun.

“Most industries are driven by how your competitors are innovating; cybersecurity, however, is constrained by external influence from the bad guys and not only competitors. I find this fascinating and this makes our role in society far more meaningful.”

With his team of nineteen, Sehgal is looking forward to growing his operation and attracting the right talent. “We expect to add a few more superstars before the end of the year.”

Growing up in a small town in India, Sehgal remembers his younger self always looking for the next big opportunity. While attending one of the top business schools in India for a post-graduate degree in computer management, he was not very interested in what he was learning. Everything changed when someone Sehgal knew showed him how easy it was to hack into a computer.

He was hooked and soon after was hired as an ethical hacker for a start-up.

Getting paid for breaking into people’s computers was such a thrill, and so his journey began.

“It was a dream start,” remembers Sehgal. “It was challenging to find clients for such an offering and the start-up did not go beyond its first year. It was a great learning experience. “

Today, BreachLock is focusing on the U.S. market that comprises 98 percent of their clients, as well as their B2B SaaS-based businesses. Their company strategy, explains Sehgal, is based on a “think global and act local methodology.” Many of the companies they do business with have clients in and outside of the United States.

In this field that is changing at record speed, Sehgal knows there is always something new to learn. “Our presence in the European region strengthens our positioning as we understand both U.S. and EU regulations and cybersecurity demands.”

Sehgal’s passion for the industry, in fact, is evident in his day-to-day.

When Sehgal is not at the BreachLock offices, he is busy lecturing at conferences around the world on topics close to his heart: cyber resilience, cyber defense, payment security, and red teaming.  He is involved with many organizations — Capital One Bank, Cisco Systems, IBM, ING Group — among others. He’s also an ardent supporter for the Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red teaming (TIBER) initiative.

Determined, just like his hero Rocky, Sehgal is ready to go the distance in the pen-testing market.

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Ruth Bashinsky is the Senior Editor at Cybercrime Magazine.

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