Cybersecurity Franchise Opportunity. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.

New Franchise Opportunity For Aspiring Cybersecurity Entrepreneurs Globally

Cybercrime Magazine reviews a new program from TAD GROUP

Steven T. Kroll

Northport, N.Y. – May 22, 2019

Ivan Todorov wants to help entrepreneurs start up their own businesses in the trillion dollar cybersecurity market, which is expected to grow by 12-15 percent year-over-year through 2021.

If now is the time to enter the industry, then where do you begin? One possible way is to opt in for a franchise.

Todorov, CEO of TAD GROUP — a cybersecurity service provider — opened his company in 2014 in Newport Beach, Calif. Since then it has grown into a global organization with operations in Bulgaria, and franchised offices in Romania and the United Kingdom. His short term plans are to open up offices in Malta and Germany, where there are already prospective franchisees in the final approval phase.

From these recent expansions, Todorov is extending his company’s resources to anyone interested in becoming a cybersecurity business owner — as a franchisee. He aims to spread TAD GROUP’s services throughout the globe.

What sets working with Todorov — who holds a master’s degree in computer technology, networking, and administration, as well as multiple cybersecurity certifications — apart from the rest is his diverse background. As CEO of Subway in Bulgaria, Todorov grew the country market from an emerging entity to a fully developed enterprise; he was the only person who reached this milestone within the Central Eastern Europe territory. His technological knowledge and business acumen is a powerful combination — and an asset for anybody who wants to be a part of his team.

“Ivan Todorov has the business experience of an Entrepreneur Franchise 500 operator, combined with the technical credentials and hands-on experience in the cybersecurity field,” says Steve Morgan, founder and editor-in-chief at Cybercrime Magazine. “He knows how to make the sandwiches, and how to sell them. Small businesses need that mentality to make it in the security space.”

Despite the advantages of franchises, there are a few setbacks for both the franchisor and the franchisee. One is the high entry cost, as many firms typically require investments and capital in the high tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars — a significant bar for some prospective business owners. Another problem is quality control. A single, bad experience at one location can have a negative impact on a separate one.

Todorov has this — and much more — covered.

TAD GROUP requires a very low entry fee with the option for 100 percent reimbursement after nine months, when certain reasonable performance goals are met. Todorov prefers to return the initial cost and let the franchisees use that additional investment for marketing and developing brand awareness in their territory. This in turn helps with the overall success of TAD GROUP, in addition to ensuring that customers are getting the best service possible.

Many franchisors use a business model that takes its earnings from the gross revenue of a franchisee. Sticking with its commitment to fairness and equity between both parties, TAD GROUP receives royalties from the profit earned by the franchisee. This kind of collaboration is a win-win for everybody and optimizes performance.

In terms of his overall business strategy, Todorov says, “What we provide is really unique in franchising history.”

It works like this. A business owner opens an office in a specific location without having to hire an expensive team of cybersecurity professionals. When there is a need, the (TAD GROUP) team is called in to help, whether that’s remotely or on site, and the franchise owner rents the services for a small fee. This is another aspect of Todorov’s drive to keep costs low for the franchisee and deliver quality care for the customer.

TAD GROUP offers a wide array of services from regulation compliance and penetration testing to incident response and security awareness training to consulting and secure website development, among many others. The company works with mid- to large-sized businesses including banking, healthcare, biotech, and government institutions.

They are also the authors of TAD CMS – a content management platform that has a fully functional WAF (web application firewall) directly integrated into it and prevents the most common attacks, logs and analyzes threats, and at the same time is super user-friendly.

“Our future plans are to take TAD CMS to the next level as a stand-alone web application, which anyone with minor IT knowledge can install and set up in minutes,” says Todorov. 

The commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is paramount for Todorov and the success of a franchisee.

“We are selecting our franchisees very carefully, since they are the backbone of each market in which we are present,” says Todorov. “We look for the right skill set but also for ambitious and motivated entrepreneurs who have the hustle to pursue success with us.”

10 Questions To Ask

Should you consider becoming a franchisee? Todorov sent us a list of 10 questions to help determine if going into business is the right option:

  1. What’s your background, and did you have your own business before?
  2. What drives you to look for a franchise opportunity?
  3. Are you a person who follows standards and procedures?
  4. What makes you wish to change your current occupation and open a cybersecurity business?
  5. What are your expectations from this franchise opportunity?
  6. What is the perfect work/life balance for you?
  7. How do you see the cybersecurity business in your desired franchise territory?
  8. Do you have a first potential prospect you want to approach?
  9. What was the toughest project you have dealt with in your professional background?
  10. From your perspective what are the top three factors for a new business to be successful?

These questions are also discussion points for Todorov and any prospective franchisee.

“Buyer beware when it comes to big franchise fees,” cautions Morgan. “The low entry cost to become a TAD GROUP franchisee may be less than starting up a cybersecurity business from scratch. The technical personnel are going to be the greatest cost.”

Profitable Venture Magazine recently reviewed TAD GROUP as one of the top six franchises in cybersecurity.

“Our aim was to create a fair, win-win cybersecurity franchise model,” says Todorov, “and I think we did it.”

Steven T. Kroll is a public relations specialist and staff writer at Cybercrime Magazine.


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