The Art of Cyber. PHOTO: Chikara & Dwayne Roberts.

A New On-Ramp To Cyberspace

Career paths for young people, minorities, and women

Amanda Glassner

Northport, N.Y. – Apr. 26, 2021

They found love on the internet. Now Dwayne and Chikara Roberts — co-founders of The Art of Cyber — are spreading it to people with underrepresented backgrounds. Transforming lives through cybersecurity career advancement is their mission and business.

With 3.5 million unfilled jobs in 2021 according to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybersecurity is drowning beneath a huge talent gap. To make a dent in that number, our industry needs less gatekeeping and more cross-training, and a redefinition of who is hirable.

“These jobs aren’t getting filled overnight,” says Dwayne. “We need to develop and bring along people who are willing to work, and the best way to do that is via an entry-level pipeline.”

Female representation in the cybersecurity field is expected to reach 25 percent by the end of 2021, up from 20 percent in 2019, and around 10 percent in 2013. While that’s progress, there’s still a ways to go. Minorities have been stuck in the single digits for the past two decades.

“How you grew up doesn’t indicate intelligence, promise, or passion,” adds Dwayne. “And where you’re from doesn’t dictate where you’re going to be. It’s 2021; cybersecurity’s old way of doing things isn’t necessary.” Those words make an impact on students when it comes from an accomplished role model.

“Make people listen, don’t worry about feeling like me being different is a problem but actually what makes you stronger and more powerful and sometimes makes your voice and your perspective even much more valuable,” says Chikara, with a smile that can light up all of cyberspace. Her message is being heard loud and clear on the women under the Roberts’ tutelage.

On-Ramp To Cyberspace

“You can’t be in security without knowing what you’re securing” according to the trending couple. Cyber complexities are made simple in their Ethical Hacking Core Skills course — which introduces newbies to the basics such as authentication, application fundamentals, and more.

For advanced practitioners, The Art of Cyber offers multiple certification-based courses, all of which are integral to students reaching their potential — which may be a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – or other DoD-approved titles.

“Don’t ever be discouraged by what you don’t have because you always have something,” Dwayne encouraged.

“Professor Dwayne taught me security fundamentals through teaching me about the world of cybersecurity at Northwestern’s IT Security Boot Camp,” writes Kristen. “He broke down network and security concepts by providing our class with real-world examples. I felt like this course challenged my way of thinking and evaluating cyber threats and how to defend against them. I’ve gained tools and knowledge I can use to further my learning and continue to pursue my career goals.”

“After years as a mechanic and warehouse worker, I felt like I was capable of more,” writes Rob. “After working with Dwayne and Chikara, I had multiple job offers in my new field and earned a higher salary than ever before. I’d recommend The Art of Cyber to anyone interested in pursuing a career in technology.”

The Art of Cyber is a Black Owned Small Business and Veteran Owned Small Business, and a hot company to watch in our space.

Amanda Glassner is a staff writer and reporter at Cybercrime Magazine.

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