Cybersecurity 500 for Google Finance


View 60+ of the hottest and most innovative publicly held companies on the Cybersecurity 500 list in your own Google Finance Portfolio. Which companies?

Cybersecurity 500 for Google Finance is a special tool for editors, reporters, and bloggers who cover the cybersecurity market. We provide you with a code to instantly import all of the publicly held stocks on the Cybersecurity 500 list of the world’s hottest and most innovative cybesecurity companies. Your Cybersecurity 500 Google Finance Portfolio will provide real-time stock quotes & charts, financial news, and company comparisons – around the cyber firms you need to track.

5 Easy Steps to get up and running in just 1 minute:

1. Login to your Google Finance account (free, and part of your Google account if you’ve never used — anyone with a Gmail account can use Google Finance)

2. Click on ‘Portfolios’ (left side bar in Google Finance)

3. Click on ‘Create new portfolio’ (top right side — grey button bar in Google Finance) and you will be prompted to enter a Portfolio name. Type in “Cybersecurity 500”.

4. Your new Portfolio will display, and Google will display a message saying “This portfolio is empty. Add a stock or a mutual fund.” Under that you’ll see an ‘Add Symbol’ entry box. Cut-and-paste the Cybersecurity 500 for Google Finance Code into the entry box, then click the Add to Portfolio button.

Go here for the Cybersecurity 500 for Google Finance Code

5. Your screen will update and Google Finance now displays your own Cybersecurity 500 Portfolio of publicly held companies.

* We strongly recommend against mixing the Cybersecurity 500 List with other Portfolios. We will be adding and deleting companies based on our selection criteria. And we’ll we writing blogs about trends specific to the list. So, if you really want to mix then we suggest you keep one Google Finance Portfolio just for the Cybersecurity 500 List. That will make it easy for you to periodically edit your Cybersecurity 500 List with the latest companies.

BE GOOD TO US. Cybersecurity Ventures provides the Cybersecurity 500 for Google Finance as a free service to the media. We spend an extraorindary amount of time researching companies in order to provide you with our content. Please do not share our code with anyone. Tell them to visit us at Cybersecurity 500 for Google Finance where they can get set up on their own.

MEDIA & BLOGGERS: If you write for the media or blog — and you use the Cybersecurity 500 List as a resource — then please cite it with hyperlinks as ‘the Cybersecurity 500 published by Cybersecurity Ventures‘.

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